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BioWho was Doreen Rees-Bibb?(Gas explosion that destroyed terraced house...

Who was Doreen Rees-Bibb?(Gas explosion that destroyed terraced house and killed grandmother, 79, was caused by ‘accident) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts


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Doreen Rees-Bibb Wiki

                              Doreen Rees-Bibb Biography

Who was Doreen Rees-Bibb?

An investigation has found that a gas explosion that destroyed a row house and killed a 79-year-old grandmother was caused by an accidental gas leak in the home’s pipes.

Doreen Rees-Bibb, 79, died in a fire in Birmingham’s Dulwich Road on Sunday night after the house of her partner, David Murphy, burned down.

The fatal explosion at Dulwich Road, Kingstanding, in Birmingham, was caused by an “accidental and unintentional ignition of a large gas escaping from a joint in the pipe,” according to the report.
The fatal explosion at Dulwich Road, Kingstanding, in Birmingham, was caused by an “accidental and unintentional ignition of a large gas escaping from a joint in the pipe,” according to the report.


He was helped out of the burning rubble by a dozen members of the public, whose heroic and quick-thinking actions were praised by emergency services.

Murphy remained in a critical but stable condition at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on Thursday.

In a statement, the HSE, West Midlands Fire Service and West Midlands Police said the demolition work had enabled investigators to “safely access and test sections of the property’s internal gas pipeline”.

The HSE is continuing to investigate whether any work-related activities contributed to the incident.


An unnamed family member said Doreen, from nearby Erdington, was “the life and soul of the party”, who was “full of warmth and love, and had a heart of pure gold”.

His family also said they were “really happy” with their partner, who was taken from their home in Dulwich Road, Kingstanding, by brave locals after it caught fire on Sunday night, also damaging neighboring properties and cars in the process.

Gas company Cadent said after a “thorough investigation” that the explosion was not to blame for gas mains and service lines in the area, but did not rule out that it was caused by a gas system inside the home. like the boiler.

In another twist, the would-be new owner of the three-bedroom townhouse told the Daily Mail about his own lucky escape when the house exploded while he was passing by with his family.

David’s children, Kate and Dean, confirmed this week that their father had been a victim of the explosion, an incident that emergency services admit will take several days to fully investigate.

It is disclosed that the real estate agents warned a few weeks ago that the furnace in the three-bedroom house needed to be replaced.

Completely destroyed by the blast, the property was recently put up for sale by Birmingham-based Paul Carr Estate Agents for £160,000 and sold subject to contract.

On the company website, the property details say: ‘Boiler requires repair/replacement’.

Josh Turner, who lives opposite, told MailOnline: “There was a big explosion, I thought a bomb had gone off.”

The family member who named Doreen added that her loved ones are “very distressed.” “She was almost 80 years old, but she was still full of life,” they told the Sun. ‘She was very happy with Dave. We don’t know what happened, if there was a gas leak or some kind of breakdown. We’re just waiting for answers.’

Some 20 people were evacuated and sheltered in a nearby pub after the incident on Sunday night. Resident Callum Attwood and two others, known as Jo and Dave, were among a dozen people who helped free Mr. Murphy.

Dave said: ‘The guy was in the kitchen, slumped against a fridge or washing machine with his legs in front of him. He was being pinned down by an old ghetto blaster.

‘He said: ‘Don’t pull my legs’. We managed to get the stereo out and then free it.

Eyewitness Ms Parkinson

Ms Parkinson, an eyewitness, said she and her boyfriend arrived at the scene shortly after the blast to check on her mother, who lives in the area, after hearing the “big bang” around 8:30. p. m.

She said: ‘Callum and I would say 10 other men ran over to obviously help and do what they could.

‘I know they took a man out on a mattress, I know they were willing to help a lady, but they couldn’t really get to her.

“We just want it to be known that Callum did not act alone, there are many other people who deserve praise.”

She said: ‘I think everyone in Kingstanding will think: what a community to be a part of, you couldn’t ask for better. When it comes down to it, we’re all there for each other. I am very proud of him and proud of everyone else as well.

She added that the men had helped, without “a second” of hesitation or thought for their own lives.

“Just  there, they did what they had to do,” she said.

“I think for most of us in Kingstanding it’s just a day of sadness, because of what happened, it’s a complete tragedy. But we’re so proud of literally every single person who risked his life to go out there and help someone else. What a community!

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