10 Facts to Know About Doug Rasheed - Rapper Chaks Khan's Husband

Doug Rasheed is an American music producer who primarily focuses on hip-hop. He has produced well-known songs like Gangsta’s Paradise and Ratha be Ya Nigga. He has established himself as a successful personality in the music industry.

Furthermore, Rasheed was rumored to be the husband of 10 times Grammy Award-winning singer Chaka Khan. Is he really married with the popular R&B singer? Keep reading the article to know the truth.

Doug Rasheed’s Staggering Net Worth

Doug Rasheed is estimated to have a staggering net worth of $1 Million. He has accumulated this fortune from his successful music career. He makes more than $50k annually. He is the music producer, writer, and owns recording studio.

Doug Rasheed has estimated Net Worth of 1 Million
Doug Rasheed has estimated Net Worth of $1 Million.
Source: Instagram @dougrasheed

Rasheed owns Doug Rasheed Entertainment which records songs and produces it. Many popular singer has recorded their music in this studio. Some of the popular songs from the studio are Gangsta’s Paradise, Amish Paradise, and so on.

This song has amassed fortunes for him. In addition to this, his wife Tonya Rivens is a journalist with more than 30 years of experience in Radio, 10 years in Television and writes for monthly publication.

Doug is living a modest lifestyle with all this richness in Charlotte, North Carolina with his family.

Doug Rasheed Was Born In Musical Family

Rasheed was born in the valentine’s day i.e on the 14th of February, 1963 in San Diego, California, United States of America. He was interested in music since his young days. He was influenced by his musical parents.

Doug’s mother Diyah Hill-Rasheed, former singer would sing around the house with her beautiful voice whereas his father would play guitar while watching to old Wes Montgomery albums. This environment inspired and made Rasheed interested in music.

Only God Can Judge Me‘s producer had learned to play lots of musical instruments like trumpet, piano, etc in his young age. However, once he played bass guitar when he was 14 years old, he instantly liked it and settled to it.

According to CelebSuburb, Rasheed grew up with a sister named sandra ware who is a lawyer and works on CaseGerry, in Sand Diego, California.

Relationship Status – Who is Doug Rasheed’s Wife?

Doug Rasheed is currently married to his wife Tonya Rivens. He occassionally posts about his wife on his Instagram. The couple seems to be really happy and comfortable in their marrital life.

Doug Rasheed and his wife Tonya Rivens
Doug Rasheed and his wife Tonya Rivens.
Source: Instagram @dougrasheed

Tonya is a graduate of The University of North Carolina graduate. She has got a great sense of style. Currently, she is working as a journalist.

Rasheed and Tonya married on the 11th of June, 2016. The couple has a daughter named Devynn who graduated from the same University as her mother in 2020. Doug is living in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Tonya and daughter Devynn.

Doug Rasheed And Chaka Khan Are Rumored To Be Husband And Wife

Internet is full with the tabloids that says Doug Rasheed and Chaka Khan are married to each other for more than two decades now. They are said to have married in 2001. However, the couple has not said anything regarding this matter.

Doug Rasheed and Chaka Khan
Doug Rasheed and Chaka Khan.
Source: YouTube Celebrity Nation

Both of them respected each other for their work. Chaka mentioned that she started feeling for Doug and it was mutual on her book. However, there is not enough information about their dating and marriage.

“I started liking Doug…. The feeling was mutual. There was something special about Doug.

Chaka Khan

The fact that Rasheed and Chaka were married or not is complete mystery for now. But, it is sure that the couple had developed feeling for each other after working together.

Chaka Khan’s Relationship Timeline

Chaka Khan is rumored to be in a relationship with many individuals and one of them is Doug. She is known to have married twice till the date and has two children from her marriage.

Khan’s first husband was Hassan Khan whom she married in 1970. She was just 17 years old when the wedding occured. Their relationship did not last long and ended shortly after.

Following that, the R&B singer was in relationship with Rahsan Morris. The couple had a daughter named Indira Milina together. They did not got married.

Chaka married her second husband Richard Holland in 1976. She and her second husband shared a son named Damien Holland. Holland and Khan got into a dispute after he said to reduce her sexy image while performing on the stage. Later he filed for divorce in 1980 with the reason irreconciable distribution.

Honed His Skills In Tokyo, Japan

Did you know? Gangsta’s paradise producer Rasheed honed his musical skills in Tokyo, Japan. After becoming a good bassist, he had moved to Tokyo where he worked in a club for 2 years.

During this two years, Doug used to do five shows a night for six days a week. This really honed his musical skills. It is this period, where he learned to write, produce, and compose music.

Rasheed’s Gangsta’s Paradise Changed The Course Of Hip-Hop

Rasheed was singing some lines of Gangsta’s Paradise in his office when Coolio, the rapper listened to him. When Coolio heard it he instantly liked it and asked Doug what it was.

Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (feat. L.V.) [Official Music Video]

Doug said that it was the song he was working on. Coolio completed the song and released it. The song became first “serious” top notch rap to top the UK and US charts. It also paved the way for singers like 2pac who was considered too harsh for the mainstream.

Has Attracted Many Top Singers & Musicians With His Work

As mentioned earlier, Doug honed his skills in Tokyo. After he returned to San Diego, he made his mind to do something big and thus went to Los Angeles and convinced some friends for support. He made connections with different music people as well.

Doug has produced and wrote many award-winning songs and music. One of them is the Gangsta’s Paradise which sky rocketed the fame of the singer Coolio. Rasheed was also the recipient of a BMI Broadcast Award for radio’s most performed song that year.

Similarly, Rasheed is the co-writer and the producer of the 2pac’s popular song Ratha Be Ya Nigga, and Only God Can Judge Me. With all of his work, he has made quite a name for himself in the entertainment industries.

His works has also attracted popular singers like  Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Suge Knight, and Dr Dre had praised his work.

Praise In The Park

Doug will be performing in the Praise in the park 2023. It is an town-sponsored community which is filled with gospel musicians, medical village, vendors and so on.

Doug Rasheed will be in Praise the park 2023
Doug Rasheed will be in Praise the park 2023.
Source: Instagram @dougrasheed

It is completely free and is going to happen on the 16th of September in 2023 after 5 pm in Smithville Park. Interested people can donate for the program.

Social Media Presence

Ratha Be Ya Nigga‘s producer Doug is quite active on social media platforms. He shares glimpse of his personal as well as professional life on them.

He uses the username @dougrasheed which has more than 1k followers on Instagram. Rasheed announces about the new songs and his life through this platform. Likewise, he has similar range of followers in his Facebook profile.

Doug joined Twitter in October 2009 and has made more than 200 tweets. He is active with the username @dougrasheed.

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