Fred Bracher is a high school teacher, and he used to teach at Castle High School. Ronnie Beard is his student, and he always stops by Fred Bracher’s classroom each morning. He has been very friendly to the people and his students, and they miss him.

Knowing more about Fred Bracher-

Fred taught English in the Castle school for many years, and he also has been an instructor at the University of Southern Indiana. One morning, when he was not found, the notice of his death came up. He has been an instructor at the University since 2009.

He also provided coaching to the students for volleyball and was a track standout. Fred graduated from Boonville High School in 1986. Recently he has served as the Castle North Junior High’s volleyball coach. He was also teaching in the castle high school at that time.

What was the cause of his death?

As for now, his cause of death is not known. However, he has guided the castle’s boys for the back-to-back seasonal championships in 2016 and 2017. When he was not there with the students anymore, they contacted their former Castle athlete director John Evers.

It was a tragic loss for the students. Fred cannot be compared to anyone as he was the finest of all, and an accurate measure of the man cannot be found in their presence. Students also said that the world was better when Fred was with them. 



 Bracher has also received specific awards for his teachings. He has been awarded Peabody Energy Leader in Education Award. Apart from being a standout coach, he was also a huge sports fan as well. Once, he traveled to the state to cheer the softball team. He was a kind-hearted person, and he was not there for the money; he loved kids. It was his passion, not a job.

He used to very well relate to the kids and keep in touch with them. He also supported a soccer team and loved all his students like his own. Bracher’s son has mentioned in the tweet that he is very grateful for the love that has been given to his family, and he appreciates that. He said that if people started living like him, this world could be better.

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