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Newton Earp is the eldest child of Nicholas Porter Earp. Newton Earp was a soldier, carpenter, and farmer same as his father.

Early Life and Childhood

Newton Earp was born on October 7, 1837, in Ohio County, Kentucky, United States. Newton Jasper Earp was his real name. Newton was the child of Nicholas Porter Earp and Abigail Storm. His father was a soldier, Farmer, Teacher, and Cooper. Similarly, his mother was a ballet dancer.

He had eight siblings named James Earp, Warren Earp, Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp who was Sheriff, Martha Elizabeth Earp, Wyatt Earp who was Hunter, Gambler, Gunslinger, Boxing referee, Sheriff, and Miner as well as Adelia Douglas Earp, Virginia Ann Earp who was Mail Carrier, Mariah Ann Earp.

Newton Earp with his father and brothers source pinterest

Caption: Newton Earp with his father and brothers (Source: Pinterest)


Newton is a member of an older generation when a person’s career was more significant than their schooling. At that period, the majority of people preferred to work than attending school. Only the royal family used to study in school. The information about his educational history is thus no longer available.


He passed away on December 18, 1928, in Sacramento, California, United States at the age of 91.

Career and Professional Life

Newton went against his brother Wyatt for the position of Constable but his brother won by 137 votes and their father Nicholas lost the election for the justice of the peace. In 1861, during the start of the civil war, newton joined the Union Army with his brother James and Virgil.

While fighting in the 17th Illinois, James suffered from a major injury at his shoulder during the Engagement at Fredericktown and then returned home. but Newton and Virgil battled the whole war. Also, Newton was promoted to the rank of fourth Sargent on January 1, 1865.

He signed out of the Military in Louisville, Kentucky on June 26, 1865. After that Newton worked as a salon manager. They returned to the mild west in 1868. when they were settled in Lamar, Missouri, Newton used to do farming there. He also became a carpenter.

Newton Earp during Union Army Soldier

Caption: Newton Earp during Union Army Soldier (Source: PeoplePill)

Awards and Nomination

His generation did not have nominations or awards in addition to the occasional prize or other rewards for achievement. However, there is no information about him that is relevant to it.

Net Worth

The information on her net worth is completely missing. He was a farmer, carpenter, and soldier. Plus, he received money for his work. He was a very hard-working person and he spend a happy life with his family.

Relationship Status

He married Nancy Jane (Jennie) Adam in Marion County, Missouri, after serving in the Civil War. They enjoyed their married life and they had 5 children together named Effie May, who was their first child and born on May 6, 1870, in Philadelphia.

Another child named Wyatt Clyde who was born on August 25, 1872, in Kansas. Mary Elizabeth was born on August 25, in Kansas,1875, and Alice Abigail was born on December 18, 1878, in Kansas Virgil Edwin was born in 1879 in Kansas. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth died at the age of 10 in 1885. His darling wife Nancy died on March 29, 1998, in Paradise, Nevada.

Newton did many great works for the country. He has never been the subject of any rumors and controversy.

Body Measurements

Brave Soldier Newton’s body measurement is not available. His height and weight are still unknown. Because all of his photographs are in black and white, we are unable to even tell what color his hair and eyes are. He is of an old generation in which only black and white photography were developed.

Social Media

No one used social media during that period.  Mobile phones had not yet been developed at the time. We can read about them, their history, and documentaries on many sites.

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