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A 4-year-old Texas boy has died after being shot in the head by his 9-year-old brother with a loaded gun belonging to their uncle, who had taught his nephews how to use the firearm, police said.

The shooting occurred Monday at a home on Guston Hall Lane in Katy, a Houston suburb.


The 4-year-old victim died Thursday at Texas Medical Center.The brothers’ uncle, Francisco Lupian, 32, has been charged with possession of a firearm.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Lupian was visiting his sister and his family and allowed his cousins to brandish his Glock pistol.

Court documents indicated that the 32-year-old unemployed construction worker had shown the boys how to “load” the gun by “pulling the slide back.”


Witnesses told authorities that Lupian had left his loaded pistol on a dresser in a bedroom along with a spare magazine with six cartridges, KHOU11 reported.

On Monday, the 4-year-old boy entered the room with his uncle’s gun, but his older brother took the gun from him.

The 9-year-old allegedly “loaded” the gun, pointing it at his younger brother and pulling the trigger, hitting the boy in the head.

The older boy later told detectives that he didn’t know the gun was loaded and that he didn’t think it would go off.

By the time police arrived, the children’s parents had taken the 4-year-old to a nearby hospital. From there, he was taken in critical condition to the Texas Medical Center, where he died three days later.

Francisco Lupian, 32, of Texas, has been charged with felonious possession of a firearm.

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