Mary Berry worked for seven years on The Great British Baking Show before leaving in 2016. Fans anticipated Berry to return to the Channel 4 program, but she refused to leave the BBC.

‘The Great British Baking Show’ viewers adored Mary Berry.

The Great British Baking Show put competitors’ baking methods and talents to the test. It made news after Mary Berry’s departure. Berry has been a part of the program when it first aired on BBC Two in 2010. She and Paul Hollywood were the bakers’ judges. Berry is credited with coining the term “soggy bottoms.” Her no-nonsense critical assessment won her fans over. In fact, in 2017, she received the National Award for Best TV Judge.

Mary Berry
Mary Berry

Why Did Mary Berry Quit The Great British Bake Off?

Berry’s admirers were left with many unanswered concerns when she and co-hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins departed the program. Berry confessed they were “not going with the dough” when they were asked why he left The Great British Baking Show. Apparently, she and the other presenters resigned following a series of disagreements and communication breakdowns with the producers. They voiced their dissatisfaction with the show’s transfer from the BBC network to Channel 4. Berry told The Guardian that she was honored to be a part of the event, but that she couldn’t betray BBC since she felt a sense of devotion to the station.

Mary Berry
Mary Berry

According to her, the program gave her the opportunity to hone her abilities. Giedroyc and Perkins apparently had a financial disagreement. They also denied any involvement in the negotiating and consulting processes. “From its inception, the BBC fostered the program and helped give it its characteristic warmth and charm, increasing it from an audience of two million to almost 15 at its height,” they stated.

Berry told the Radio Times that she was surprised by the change and chose to continue with the BBC. When questioned about Hollywood, the chef said she liked him a lot and admired his choice to be a part of the program that will appear on Channel 4. Hollywood said that he couldn’t turn his back on the bakers and abandon them. He tweeted about Berry, saying he’d miss seeing her on the program. Berry said she was never given a role in the program and avoided a meeting with Channel 4. They attempted to persuade her, but Berry refused to quit BBC. She sent her best wishes for the show, its staff, and future bakers.

What Has Happened to Mary Berry?

Berry went on to appear on various British television shows after leaving The Great British Baking Show, including Strictly Come Dancing and This Morning. She also presents the Classic Mary Berry mini-series and Mary Berry’s Quick Cooking TV series. Berry has extended her engagement with BBC and intends to do so indefinitely.

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