Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with edible perfume and pizza-flavored pints

Are you ready to get your scoop on?

Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, a perfect excuse to indulge in America’s frozen favorite. It’s also a time to save some money. Ice-cream shops of all kinds, from local parlors to major national chains, are offering sweet deals. But we’re looking beyond the traditional deals — say, $1 off the purchase of a dipped cone at Dairy Queen or $5 off a $15 purchase at Baskin-Robbins — to find some more creative ways to mark the occasion (and maybe save a few dollars, too).

Here are seven of our favorite examples.

Got a nose for a good scoop?

Ice-cream fans cannot live by sprinkles and whipped cream alone. At least that’s what the folks at Salt & Straw Ice Cream, which has 27 shops spread across a number of states, say on the subject of toppings. So, they’re launching a line of what they’re calling Culinary Perfume — in short, a spray-on edible topping that doubles as, well, a perfume (meaning you can wear it). Topping (er, fragrance) options come with such clever names as A Cloud of Cocoa and A Swoon of Citrus. On Sunday, Salt & Straw is inviting customers into its stores for a complimentary spritz.

Thirsty for intoxicating flavors?

Tipsy Scoop is an inventive brand that’s all about offering ice-cream flavors with a boozy boost — meaning there’s actual alcohol in the cold stuff. Flavors range from mango margarita sorbet to cake batter vodka martini. To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, Tipsy Scoop is offering mail-order customers a tempting bargain — all of its 4-packs will be sold for $36 (they normally cost $56) from Sunday through Tuesday morning. At its New York ice cream “barlour” locations, the first 25 patrons on Sunday will receive a free scoop of its Frose All Day Sorbet.

Wanna sprinkle in some culture?

The Museum of Ice Cream, which has three U.S. locations, is taking things to the next level at its Chicago spot and setting up a 56-foot-long outdoor “sprinkle pool” (there will be free ice cream offered, too) on Sunday. At the New York and Austin locations, the museum also plans to feature “exclusive sweets and treats” during the big day.

Craving a year’s supply of ice cream?

Frutero is a new brand that specializes in ice cream with the fruity flavor of the tropics. Think coconut ice cream, mango ice cream, or even guanabana ice cream. And Frutero wants its fans to show their appreciation — and their culinary skills — by submitting a recipe, as in a dessert, smoothie or cocktail, that incorporates its ice cream. Entries must be received by Sunday. The winner will earn a year’s supply of ice cream.

Ice cream inspired by … paint? Yes, it’s for real — and it’s a way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Ace Hardware and Benjamin Paint

Ready to paint the town?

What do ice cream and home improvements have in common? Beats us. But that hasn’t stopped the folks at Benjamin Moore — yes, the paint company — from releasing a line of ice cream inspired by, yes, paint colors (as in French white and cocoa brown).  The oddball promotion actually kicks off on Saturday and runs through Sunday, and is being organized in partnership with the Ace Hardware chain, with separate opportunities each day to win some of the paint-inspired ice cream. The Ace Hardware Instagram page will have the full details.

Would you prefer to grab a slice?

DiGiorno, the supermarket pizza brand, also wants a piece of the ice-cream pie. It has created two savory pizza-inspired flavors — strawberry basic and Parmesan cheese — as well as a croissant crust cone. But they won’t be for sale at stores. Instead, you have to enter a sweepstakes, running through Sunday, for a chance to partake of the treats.

Ready for some vegan ice cream? Oatly plans to serve up treats on National Ice Cream Day in select cities


Hungry for something ‘oat’ of this world?

I scream, you scream, we all scream … for vegan ice cream. Oatly, the oat-milk brand, is giving away more than 16,000 vegan-friendly ice-cream bars from ice cream trucks driving around three cities — New York, Los Angeles and St. Louis — on Sunday. Flavors include vanilla, chocolate fudge, salted caramel and strawberry swirl.

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