Big Brother Naija’s Level Up housemates is without a doubt providing watchers with the kind of content they pursued.

The housemates who have been in the house for almost fourteen days have kept on challenging gravity and disrupt the norms with their quarrels, love ships and close minutes.

The Level Two housemates gave watchers much to talk about with their pool party.

Each Thursday, Biggie sets up a pool party for Level Two housemates, affectionately known as The Trenches.

Housemates took things further and served us with premium content with their steamed-up second.

Sweet and his accomplice, Beauty, shared their most memorable kiss. The couple opened the floor with their most memorable public kiss, which was extremely energetic.

Going along with them were Khalid and Daniella, as well as China and Kess.

This isn’t whenever the housemates first have gotten steamed up.

Kemi Filani news reviews things got warmed in Big Brother Naija’s home as Level Up housemates set the web on fire with their Saturday night party.

As consistently with other past seasons, last end of the week was the main Saturday night party of Season 7 Housemates. Dissimilar to their ancestors, who make the night about dance, Level Up housemates changed the game as they illuminated the air.

This set impacted the world forever as the main BBN housemates to get steamed up during their most memorable Saturday party.

Phynatrench, Eloswag, Doyin, and Cyph gave Nigerians the content they pursued with their startling content.

While different housemates were moving, Doyin and Cyph were kissing.

These two weren’t the ones in particular who kissed, as Eloswag and Phyna additionally honored our eyes with one more round of kisses.

Nigerians requested Biggie join all housemates.

Doyin is a Level One housemate while Cyph is a Level Two housemate. Likewise, Eloswag is a Level One housemate, and Phyna is a Level Two housemate.

Many figure that the house would be seriously fascinating assuming all housemates rejoined.

Likewise, a video that arose online caught a shaking duvet which supposedly had Level Up housemates Daniella and Khalid under the sheets.

The main video caught minutes when Daniella was seen uttering weird sounds while her accomplice was not uncovered, however many guaranteed it was Khalid.

Another video that arose online caught the duvet shaking on Daniella’s important for the bed while one more Level Up housemate, Amaka, attempted to unravel what was occurring under the sheet.

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