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Jordan Andino (Cook at all Costs): Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family, Career and More

On Friday, December 16, Netflix will launch a brand new cooking show titled Cook at all Costs. On the show, three amateur chefs will compete against one another by placing bids for necessary supplies and attempting to prepare the best possible meals with the intention of impressing a panel of guest judges as well as the show’s host, Jordan Andino.

49-year-old Andino was most recently seen hosting Late Nite Eats on Food Network in the year 2018, and he was also named one of Zagat’s “30 Hottest Chef’s Under 30” in the year 2016.

In addition to his frequent appearances as a guest judge on Canada’s Jr. Chef Showdown, he will now be “auctioning off” culinary items on the show Cook at all Costs.

The Flip Sigi dining establishments are all under the ownership of Jordan Andino.

Jordan Andino

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Jordan Andino (Cook at all Costs): Bio

Jordan Andino, who was born in the city of Toronto in Canada, got his start in the kitchen at the tender age of nine, learning diverse recipes from his father.

Soon after, he uprooted his life and moved to Manhattan Beach in search of a job in one of the world’s most renowned restaurants, such as Spago or The French Laundry.

In 2006, Andino enrolled in the Hotel Administration program offered by Cornell University, and he received his degree there in 2010.

He was frequently employed as a personal chef during that period, and he has made an appearance in the spin-off series of Keeping Up with the Kardashians called Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons.

After finishing school, Jordan gained experience in the culinary arts by working in a variety of restaurants, including Cavanaugh’s River, Dino’s Bar and Grill, and Disco Sushi Entertainment, among others.

Despite the fact that Jordan’s real birth date has not been disclosed, he celebrates his birthday on June 29 every year. We can infer the chef’s age from the fact that he has the appearance of being in his early to middle thirties.

Andino is very proud of his background, which includes the fact that he was born in Toronto, Canada to Filipino parents.

His parents moved to Manhattan Beach, California shortly after his birth, which is where Andino spent his childhood. It was in this very restaurant that he had his first taste of the culinary world, assisting his father, who was also a chef.

The exceptional chef started cooking at an early age and began self-training under the watchful eye of his father. It was during this time that he developed an appreciation for the regional flavors that are typical to his country.

In terms of his schooling and the qualifications he possesses, Andino attended the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in order to advance his culinary abilities. It is obvious that he accomplished this goal, as he is today one of the most recognizable figures in the field of cuisine in New York City.

Jordan Andino
Jordan Andino

Jordan Andino: S.P.A.M.

In the United States of America, as well as in most other parts of the world, S.P.A.M has a generally negative reputation; however, Jordan is working to reverse that ideology.

The jarred food is a staple in the cuisine of Hawaii and the Philippines, where the young chef was raised, and he grew up relishing the salty nibble in a variety of mouthwatering dishes.

Andino made the announcement during an interview with Forbes that he had recently partnered with S.P.A.M in the hopes of popularizing and normalizing it across the United States.

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He plans to do this by demonstrating to people the delectable meals that can be created with it if it is utilized in the correct manner.

Jordan intends to combine the food of his culture, the Filipino cuisine, with the food of Mexico and S.P.A.M in order to make dishes such as his scrumptious cheesy S.P.A.M Pastor Tacos.

His expertise in Filipino cuisine and his ability to combine different flavors will come in handy for this endeavor.

Jordan Andino (Cook at all Costs): Parents

In the year 1973, Jordan Andino was born in the country of Canada to his parents, Joanna Bacalso and Richard Andino. Andino began helping his father in the kitchen when he was just nine years old.

His love in cooking was initially sparked by his father, who also served as his teacher for a significant portion of his life.

He uprooted his life and moved to Manhattan Beach in order to find work in some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants, such as Spago and The French Laundry.

In 2006, Andino enrolled in the Hotel Administration program at Cornell University, and he graduated with a degree in the field in 2010.

At the time, he worked often as a personal chef, and he also had an appearance on the episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons that was dedicated to their vacation.

After graduating, Jordan gained experience in the hospitality industry by holding positions as a manager, chef, and bartender at a variety of establishments, such as Dino’s Bar and Grill, Cavanaugh’s River, and Disco Sushi Entertainment.

2017 marked Jordan’s first year appearing on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel as a guest chef for the programs they each broadcast.

During his time working on the show, he was offered the chance to produce his very own show for the Food Network called Late Nite Eats, which aired for a total of two seasons.

During that time period, Andino appeared as a guest judge on the cooking competition shows Cooks vs. Cons, Chopped, and Worst Cooks in America.

Jordan Andino
Jordan Andino

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Jordan Andino (Cook at all Costs): Family

Jordan Andino maintains a strong relationship with his father, Richard Andino. Richard is also a chef, and when Jordan was growing up, he learned the trade from his father, who is also a chef.

He followed in his father’s footsteps and discovered early on that he appreciated the culinary arts by preparing meals.

Richard is Peter and Paul Petros82’s Executive Restaurant Chef at their establishment.

During the course of his career as a chef, he has held a variety of positions, including those of Executive chef, Corporate Executive chef, Executive chef, and Director, among others. In the 1990s, he attended George Brown College in order to further his studies.

Jordan’s accomplishments in the professional world have both of his parents beaming with pride. Considering that he got his motivation for starting his career from both his father and his mother.

Due to the fact that Jordan’s father has been there ever since he first showed an interest in food, Jordan and his father have a strong relationship. In modern times, Jordan and his father, Richard, can be found working in the food service industry.

After being married for a number of years, Joanna, Jordan’s mother, and Richard, Jordan’s father, filed for divorce.

Even though Jordan hasn’t really touched on the topic, his mother is currently in a healthy relationship with her ex-husband. This is despite the fact that the two of them divorced.

She currently shares her life with her husband, Matthew Garel. In the same way as Joanna is an actor, so too is Garel a member of the entertainment industry and a performer.

He has contributed to a number of different projects, including ones such as The Punani Diaries, Expect No Mercy, and many others.

Joanna Bacalso, Jordan’s mother, is a Filipino-Canadian television personality and model. Jordan was named after her.

She walked the runway and modeled for print for clients such as Tommy Hilfiger and Banana Republic while she was signed with Ford Models.

Joanna is another one of our former models who made the transition to acting and television. She has appeared as a guest on the television shows La Femme Nikita, Veronica’s Closet, Wish You Were Here, and The Jamie Foxx Show, among others, and has done so in tandem with Dave Chappelle.

In addition, Bacalso was a recurring character in the television series The District and appeared in multiple episodes of the television show Ally McBeal, which aired on CBS.

Despite the fact that Jordan’s major occupation is in the culinary world, he has just started working in the entertainment business as well. He takes after his performer mother in that he has a natural talent for comedy.

Jordan Andino
Jordan Andino

Jordan Andino (Cook at all Costs): Career

  • The young chef’s career has already seen a great deal of success, but he still has a great deal more to look forward to.
  • His restaurant, Flip Sigi, which is a Filipino Taqueria, is owned by him, and he serves as the restaurant’s executive chef.
  • The restaurant serves traditional Mexican food prepared with flavors that are influenced by the chef’s background and family history.
  • His adobo chicken tacos and sinigang flip bowl are two of the meals that are the most popular with customers.
  • In addition to running his own restaurant and establishing himself as the best Filipino chef in the country, he has also established himself as a prominent figure in the world of television.
  • He is currently a judge on the competition show “Raid the Fridge,” and he has appeared on the programs “Chopped,” “The Today Show,” and “Rachael Ray.”
  • In 2016, Jordan launched his own chain of restaurants under the name Flip Sigi. The restaurants provide food that is prepared using a style of cooking that is a fusion of traditional Filipino cuisine and French technique. The following can be found on the Andino website:
  • “The influence of both Jordan’s grandmother and his father can be tasted in the food that Jordan prepares.
  • He developed a one-of-a-kind trademark profile for each of his Flip Sigi Restaurants by combining the aforementioned components with Spanish and Mexican vessels.”
  • In 2017, Jordan made his debut as a guest chef on both the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. His appearances were on both of those networks.
  • As a result of his time spent on the show, he was given the opportunity to launch his own show on the Food Network called Late Nite Eats, which ran for a total of two seasons and twenty-six episodes.
  • During that time period, he served as a guest judge on the television shows Cooks vs. Cons, Chopped, and Worst Cooks in America.
  • He is employed as a personal chef with Fork Knife Hospitality at the present time, and throughout his tenure there, he has provided culinary services for more than 10,000 customers, some of whom are famous sports.
  • Cook in any case In the episode “Costs,” three amateur cooks will compete against one another to see who can create the most delicious meals while also winning the most bids in an online auction for the necessary ingredients. To facilitate the purchasing of the ingredients, $25,000 will be placed in the bank account of each chef.
  • The competitors have the option to gamble away one thing in exchange for another surprise ingredient, spend a significant portion of their budget on opulent products, or conserve money on essential components until the very end.
  • At the conclusion of each episode of “Cook at all Costs,” the mystery guest judge who has been hiding out in the back pantry will sample the meals and reveal the episode’s winner in an inventive way.
  • The money that was in the losing chef’s bank account will be given to the winner of the cooking competition.
  • Other chefs will have the opportunity to sample exotic food items that have been prepared by world-renowned chefs such as Nancy Silverton, Rick Martinez, Esther Choi, Richard Blais, and Gabe Kennedy.
  • Guest judges will also prepare dishes for themselves using the mystery box that will be provided to them.

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