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DETAILS: Blue Lock Episode 21 Release Date and Time, Where to See, Preview, Countdown & More!

Blue Lock Episode 21 Release Date: Blue Lock fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Episode 21, which promises to be action-packed and drama-filled. The episode is scheduled to air at various times around the world, including 7:00 PM UK time, 8:00 PM European time, 12:30 AM India time, 3:00 AM Philippine time and 6:00 AM EST.

Blue Castle Preview Episode 21

In the previous episode, fans saw Rino Itoshi’s potential as a Blue Lock star player, but his ego was hurt after Nagi’s goal in the match. This sets the stage for the upcoming episode as Rin is excited to show up again. The preview of the episode suggests that Bachira will be on the ball again in the next round.

Blue Lock Episode 21 All Episodes

Isagi thinks he’s tagged Bachira, but Bachira passes to Aryu without looking at him. This shows Bachira’s exceptional dribbling skills, which he will use to confuse Isagi. The EUphoria podcast revealed that the team made a deal to only watch new episodes of the Blue Lock anime if they finished each match week with a perfect score.

Blue Lock Episode 21 Plot

This shows the dedication of anime fans and their love for football. As the match continues, Isagi realizes that he has improved a lot since his last match against Bachir. However, Bachira is not an easy opponent and tries to confuse Isagi with his exceptional dribbling skills.

Blue Lock episode 21 trailer

Meanwhile, Nagi’s game excites her and she wonders about Rin and Isagi’s observation skills. He decides to destroy their control of the field and take the game into his own hands. The upcoming episode promises to be full of thrills and twists as fans eagerly wait to see how the match unfolds.


The Blue Lock anime has gained a large following around the world and fans look forward to it to watch matches and cheer on their favorite players. Nagi and Isagi develop powers of observation. These skills involve paying attention to the movements and behavior of their opponents on the court, allowing them to anticipate their next moves and react accordingly.


This level of observation requires a combination of concentration, attention to detail and quick thinking. By improving their observation skills, Nagi and Isagi become more effective players, making better decisions and exploiting openings in the opponent’s defense.

This is an essential part of playing football at a high level and developing these skills is a key theme at Blue Lock. From what is currently known of Bachir’s character, it is unclear whether he is inherently selfish. In the context of Blue Lock’s story, Bachira is a highly skilled striker determined to make it to the top.

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