CBBC And BBC Four Closing – What Happened To Them?

CBBC isn’t closing; it will remain a linear channel for at least the next three years. According to a Twitter tweet, CBBC is planning to switch to iPlayer as its audience shifts to digital.

Director General Tim Davie, as previously reported, made the news, stating that younger people are gravitating to streaming networks such as Netflix and Disney Plus.



However, he emphasized that the modifications will not be implemented for at least another three years. Likewise, while audiences are migrating online, the BBC spends the great bulk of its money on traditional broadcast television and radio networks.

Furthermore, from its beginning as a free-to-air television station in 1985, CBBC has pleased youngsters.

Closure Announcement By BBC Director Tim Davie: What Happened?

Tim Davie, the Director-General of the BBC, announced the closing of CBBC for the creation of a brand-new global digital media organization.

Moreover, the broadcaster also intends to inject $377 million (£300 million) to “push a digital-first approach, including adjustments to content and production as well as extra commercial revenue.”



This would entail major investment for new BBC iPlayer programming, transferring resources in local production to digital, investing savings from broadcast news into video and digital news, and devoting up to US$62 million (£50 million) each year in product development.

The objective, according to Davie, is for the iPlayer service to reach 75% of BBC viewers.

Jobs Loss Tragedy For Channel Broadcasters

The BBC has announced that about 1,000 jobs would be lost over the next few years, following years of layoffs and austerity.

In addition, around 1,000 positions will be eliminated throughout the BBC as part of a £500 million decrease, according to Davie.

The news follows the resuscitation of BBC Three, which was reintroduced on linear television for the first time in six years just two months ago.

After cultural minister Nadine Dorries indicated she aims to establish a new financing model before the present arrangement expires in 2027, the BBC’s license fee might be scrapped.