Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes and Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw on location for

Sex and the City fans watched on as Mr. Big finally picked Carrie Bradshaw in the series finale way back in 2004. The overly romantic moment in Paris is what many fans wanted to see. The show’s creator, Darren Star, has been hypercritical of the ending, suggesting that the decision to pair Carrie and Mr. Big up ultimately betrayed what the show was about. There were, however, alternate endings, and one of those endings was much more in line with Star’s vision for the series. 

‘Sex and the City’ had four possible endings 

By now, every Sex and the City fan has watched the series finale at least a few times. For some, the final episode, in which Mr. Big follows Carrie to Paris to tell her he loves her, is the perfect end to an imperfect love story. That ending, however, wasn’t the only one writers considered. Three other endings were filmed ahead of the series finale. 

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