Did Kerala Actress Shahana Commit Suicide? Death Cause Details Explored

Did Kerala Actress Shahana Commit Suicide? Shahana, a Kasaragod native, was discovered dead in her apartment.

Her husband is arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Did Kerala Actress Shahana Commit Suicide? Death Cause Details Explored

Shahana, a Kerala actress, was discovered dead in her rented house in Parambil Bazar. The scene appeared to show her hanging herself from the window of her home. Her family, however, rushed to the police station and filed a complaint, claiming it was a mysterious death.

What Happened To Shahana? Death Cause Details Explored

Kerala Actress Shahana’s death shook everyone as she was found hanged. The young actress was in her early twenties and died in a mysterious situation. The news went live after The Kerala Times wrote about the incident. She was found dead in her rented house last night. Although it seems she had committed suicide, her family claims that there is a mystery in the death.

നടിയും മോഡലുമായ ഷഹന തൂങ്ങിമരിച്ച നിലയില്‍; ഭര്‍ത്താവ് കസ്റ്റഡിയില്‍

— Kerala Times (@keralatimestv) May 13, 2022

All her family and fans got emotionally stumbled after they heard the news. The young actress was living with her husband in their rented house. As her family is mourning her death, police are trying to know what exactly happened.

Thus, the actual cause of death might reveal after the postmortem report. Nevertheless, it would be clear if she had committed suicide or was killed and then hanged. Her family and fans are now waiting for the police to provide further information.

Why Is Shahana Husband Sajad Arrested? Did He Kill Her?

Kozhikode actress Shahana’s husband Sajad is arrested after his wife was found dead in their rented house. The police arrested the resident of Parambil Bazar following the incident. The couple is said to be married a year and a half ago.

Further, there is no information on the couple’s relationship and what their situations were. But by this incident, it is clear that they might not have been happy together. Additionally, her husband is accused of her murder.

The police might have already started their investigation. However, no statement was given to the media over the case. Her family members are mourning her death and claim it to be a mysterious murder.

Did Kerala Actress Shahana Commit Suicide?

Shahana was hanging from a window of her rented residence and seemed to commit suicide. Although the scene looked like a suicide, her family states it is mysterious murder that is framed.

She was living with her husband, Sajad, who was arrested for suspicion of her murder. Her family might have never thought they would have to see their daughter in such a condition. Now they are pressurizing for further investigation as her death is a mystery.

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