How To Make Brightcrown Genshin

How To Make Brightcrown Genshin: “Of Drink A-Dreaming,” a new bartending event, has proven a tremendous hit with the Genshin Impact community. Luka, an NPC from Angel’s Share tavern, recruits players as bartenders in a lighthearted event. Travelers will be able to make drinks for well-known characters such as Beidou, Venti, Eula, and others.

How To Make Brightcrown Genshin

Players can earn accolades by completing various objectives, and if they gather all 21 drink recipes, they will receive an event-exclusive name card. Stroke of Night, Dawning Dew, Sweet Cider Lake, Brightcrown, and other drinks will be covered on this page. Of Drink, A-Dreaming is a timed event that consists of four challenges, each with its own time restriction. If players are familiar with the recipes, they will have a much easier time accomplishing these chores. Players can make these drink concoctions using coffee, tea, and juice as the basic foundation ingredients:

  • Brightcrown is made by combining one teabag with two glasses of milk.
  • Dawning Dew is made by combining two juices with one effervescent drink.
  • Sweet Cide Lake is made by combining one juice with two glasses of milk.
  • Make a Stroke of Night by combining one cup of tea, one cup of coffee, and one cup of milk.

Players can use the infographic below to make cocktails for customers like Rosaria, Venti, and others. Players will receive Primogems and other goodies if they do so. It’s also worth noting that if players fulfill all of the drink requests received from all characters, they won’t be allowed to make any more until the next day. Players will still be able to visit the bar, but they will be unable to interact with most of the things and will not be able to mix fresh beverages.

Use the Teleport Point in Brightcrown Canyon

For all Genshin aficionados. The Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon map is the latest event from Genshin. The universe of Genshin Impact is large, and players can search and find wealth in a number of locations. The extraordinary treasure is one of the most challenging treasures to locate. Which is found east of Stormeterror’s Lair Mondstadt, somewhere in Brightcrown Canyon. This location is extremely difficult to find. And only those who took part in the Lost Riches Event will have access to this treasure. This event is still going on in the game.

How To Make Brightcrown Genshin
How To Make Brightcrown Genshin

How to use the teleport point in Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon:

Using the teleport waypoint in that area is the best way to go to Brightcrown Canyon. After that, begin traveling west from there. The game will instruct you to seek out an antique bell with a light spot beneath it. This is where players can begin the challenge. In this challenge, players must beat two adversaries while avoiding being frozen more than three times. Using a character with a fire-type ability is the most efficient approach to complete this challenge. Players are also recommended not to undertake the challenge while it is pouring in the game.

Players will receive three copies of Hero’s Wit, 60 primogems worth 30,000 Mora, and six pieces of Mystic Enhancement Ore when the combat is completed. This is the prize for which you have fought so valiantly. The advantage is that after the battle, players do not need to remove it out of any chests or containers. After that, the players will confront two enemies. Cryo Abyss Mages are their name. As these adversaries attack with Cryo-based magic, the players must demolish their shields. If the combat begins without the players having a Pyro character capable of melting their shields, the game will take a long time to finish.

How To Make Brightcrown Genshin

The event’s date is: It’s also possible that you’ll be frozen more than the challenge limit during the process. So, if you don’t want to lose out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect the Special prize, hurry up! Because the Lost Riches Event is only available until January 18th, time is running out. All players who want to take advantage of this event’s incredible benefits should start hunting as soon as possible. The riches aren’t particularly lost here, at least at first.

How To Make Brightcrown Genshin
How To Make Brightcrown Genshin

In Genshin Impact, we’ve got a new event where a shady treasure hunter named Ulman entrusts us with a Seelie who has turned cold on him and tells us to go grab a big load of iron coins. We’re not sure why he wants them, but we’re determined to find out, so off we go to find them. This is, for the most part, fairly basic. When you’re close to where you’re intended to be, the Seelie starts pulsing, but it’s no problem to just run around and find the light patches where you’re required to dig. However, there is one piece of treasure with which you may require assistance.

The book mentions a “unique treasure” and merely mentions that it is located near Brightcrown Canyon: We can see from that small photo that we’re looking for a destroyed church. Here’s the area you wish to visit, which is just a few miles west of the local fast travel location: There should be a ruined church near a clearing with a good number of boars to hunt if you’re running low on meat.

Like with the other treasure, if you go to the bottom, you’ll find a gleaming dig area. The first time, I just attempted to do it normally and did okay until being frozen the third time, and the second time, I just used every high-damage move in my armory and burned one of the mages to the ground, making it much more difficult for the second, severely damaged mage to freeze me.

Brightcrown Canyon, Entrance to Stormterror’s Lair

When you arrive at Stormterror’s Lair, you will find yourself in the Decarabian capital city, which has a notable entrance built in the Decarabian style. Brightcrown Canyon used to be a military outpost, with soldiers stationed along the road leading into the city. Roads in the game lead to the boar habitat south, but it’s unclear whether any of them were once part of the main route.

How To Make Brightcrown Genshin
How To Make Brightcrown Genshin

A wooden bell-cot stands in the middle of the field. Its architectural style differs from that of the nearby ruins, instead of employing a roofing type similar to that seen on Springvale homes built in the conventional Classic Country Homestyle. However, without more information, it is impossible to tell when and why this construction was created. As part of Empty Abode, the Archon Quest Empty Abode is located in Stormterror’s Lair and is first scaled. It was once the home of the Storm God, who kept watch over his people from atop the mountain.

You will receive 60 Primogens, 10 Hero’s Wit, 30,000 Mora, and 6 Mystic enhancement cores upon completion. All in all, it was a great little haul. There are more iron coins to be found, so keep searching. Next week, there should be even more special treasures. The route leading out of Stormterror’s Lair’s entrance, marked by weathered soil and crumbled Decarabian pillars, finally leads to a field naturally surrounded by ridges. The number of Forest Boars in this area is particularly high.

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