Is Jacob Toppin Related To Obi Toppin By Family? Are They Siblings?

Is Jacob Toppin Related To Obi Toppin By Family? People wonder if basketball player Jacob Toppin is related to Obi Toppin.

The Toppin brothers, Jacob and Obi, are similar in their ability to execute highlight dunks while making them appear effortless.

Obi went on to win NPOY awards and an NBA Draft lottery spot as a result of his high-flying, rim-rattling style of play, which is unusual among college players.

Jacob has been in college while his older brother, Obi, has advanced to National Player of the Year honors and been named one of the top ten players in the country. Because he began displaying glimpses of Obi’s athleticism as a freshman, the younger brother believes he is on track to compete with his NBA sibling.

Is Jacob Toppin Related To Obi Toppin?

Yes, Jacob Toppin is related to Obi Toppin, as they are brothers.

Expect the announcers to bring up Obi Toppin, the big man for the New York Knicks and former Dayton Flyers star, if forward Jacob Toppin of Kentucky is on the court. He will never be able to escape his relationship as a sibling to the 2020 National Player of the Year, but he is learning to embrace it.

Is Jacob Toppin Related To Obi Toppin By Family? Are They Siblings?
Jacob and Obi Toppin hugging eachother. (Source: daytondailynews)

There is always competition, according to Toppin, in their sibling relationship. He admitted that because they were so competitive, they even fought while working out in Los Angeles.

But something has changed in Jacob’s game because he now thinks he is light years ahead of his older brother. For John Calipari last year, in his second season in Lexington, Toppin averaged 6.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per game on a 56 percent clip while playing almost 18 minutes per game.

Jacob Toppin Family Tree: Who Are His Parents?

Jacob Toppin was born to his parents, Roni Toppin and Obadiah Toppin.

His Father, Obadiah, is the legendary playground character known as Dunker’s Delight in New York City. Obi, his older brother, was the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk champion, top-10 pick, and unanimous national player of the year. Jacob received similar raw materials as a blessing.

Obi Toppin, a rookie for the New York Knicks at the time, slammed an alley-oop during a game against the Atlanta Hawks at Madison Square Garden last year. Roni could be seen cheering from the stands as “O-bi” chants echoed throughout the famous arena. She was seen crying at her son’s efforts, and it was a precious moment.

Before fans were allowed inside the Garden on Christmas Day last year, Roni told the outlet she would get a job as a janitor so she could watch her son perform live there. Roni Toppin reportedly teaches autistic students at a middle school in Washington Heights, according to The New York Post.

How Much Is Jacob Toppin Net Worth?

According to, Jacob Toppin’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be between $2 Million to $4 Million.

Jacob Toppin.
A picture of Jacob Toppin dunking. (Source:

Toppin has evolved from a career role player into a starter, possibly even a breakout star for a talented team with hopes of winning the national championship as a result of that enormous growth. 

It has not always been easy for Jacob to do so, but he has established himself as a legitimate pro prospect. Toppin’s teammates helped build his reputation as an elite dunker before he ever appeared in a game for Kentucky. 

The first half of the Jan. 22 game at Auburn, when Toppin slammed home a 360-degree dunk off a steal, may have been the most impressive display of his dunking prowess throughout the game. Home 

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