No, Kaitlin Armstrong is not related to Lance Armstrong, a notable cyclist. People seem to have confused them, as both shares a similar last name. 

However, they don’t seem to have any kinship or family bond; with each other. Kaitlin is currently on the wanted list as the murder suspect of Anna Moriah Wilson, a professional cyclist. 

Brandon Fill, who is with US Marshals, mentioned, “She (Kaitlin) was an individual that was here in the Austin community, as one a realtor, a yoga teacher.”



Residing in the Austin area for a long time, she has built relationships among community people. Moreover, as per Filla, the suspect also has family ties “elsewhere,” however, the investigating department has yet to get that far. 

Anna Moriah Wilson’s Murder Case Update With Kaitlin Armstrong As Suspect

Kaitlin Armstrong is currently facing an arrest warrant on suspicion of murdering the well-known cyclist, Anna Moriah Wilson. Also, The US Marshals have joined the search team, looking for the wanted suspect. 

As updated by the Federal agents, they believe that Anna is still in the area Austin-Travis County. They are continuing their search; together with three to ten agents on the murder case. 



Filla stated, “Anyone that gives her any type of comfort or relief when we’re in pursuit of Armstrong can also be charged federally.”

Does Kaitlin Armstrong’s Boyfriend Have A Boyfriend? Her Dating Life

34-years-old Kaitlin Armstrong might have a boyfriend. However, her dating life has been in public and department interest for the moment. 

As investigators have yet to look after her more ties or family bond, the matter remains vague.

Location – Where Is Kaitlin Armstrong Now?

Kaitlin Armstrong is currently on the run with the murder suspect on her. However, the officials believe that she has yet to leave the town. 

The search for her continues while the victim’s family tributes and mourns for Moriah Wilson.