Is KSI Fighting IShowSpeed? YouTuber Posts Troll Faceoff Video

A video showing KSI and IShowSpeed facing off each other is going viral on the internet as the duo mocks Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul’s fight. Well, recently Jake Paul came up with a video of a face-off with Andrew Tate. Which gave boxing fans something different to expect in the boxing ring from the two. But now it seems KSI and IShowSpeed have taken a dig into the same.

Read ahead to know more about KSI vs IShowSpeed video mocks Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight.

Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight

Although it isn’t new for any boxing match to get finalised between two boxers anytime. It’s been quite some time since we got to see Jake Paul fight with another opponent post the Anderson Silva bout. Boxing lovers recently got a hint too about who Jake could fight soon.

On November 10th, Jake Paul posted a video where he was having a face-off with Andrew Tate. While the caption of the video read “Negotiations”. That made all expect that a Jake Paul vs Andrew Tate fight in the boxing ring might have happened anytime.

KSI and IShowSpeed video mocks Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight

As soon as the Andrew Tate face-off video with Jake Paul went viral on the internet. We got lots of memes on the same trend too. Not just that, we got even KSI to mock the fight of Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul which is still not confirmed.

The video of IShowSpeed posted on Twitter was a clip of him with KSI showing them facing off with each other. Which was considered a lot similar to the one that came recently from Jake Paul about Andrew Tate’s face-off. Post which fans have been thinking that the duo has mocked the Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul fight.

Is KSI to have a fight with IShowSpeed?

Though Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul’s fight is already in speculation. We had a little bit of speculation coming for the IShowSpeed vs KSI fight too. Their mocking video about Tate and Paul is considered by many to be a hint of a fight between IShowSpeed vs KSI themselves.

However, many netizens believe that both IShowSpeed and KSI are good friends. Thus they won’t be facing off each other in the boxing ring. Some even think IShowSpeed with his recent video might be hinting at a possible fight of him in the January 2023 Misfits 4 boxing event.

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