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Celeb ZoneKriSean Woods Performs "Know U"

KriSean Woods Performs “Know U”


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In #BOSSIPSounds news, an R&B singer/actor/Jack of all trades wants to get to “Know U.”

KriSean Jaivonta Woods better known by his stage name, KriSean Woods, was born in Rome, Georgia but raised in Montgomery, Alabama where the southerner found himself singing and performing on stage since he was 7.

KriSean Woods

Source: Roq Fluellen / Roq Fluellen Photography

After a move to Atlanta, things reached a musical fever pitch for Woods, 28, and he released a song featuring “Star Search” alum/”Promise Ring” songstress Tiffany Evans.

Evans joined Woods on his track “Energy” after he pitched her tracks from his musical catalog that highlighted his vocal ability. The addition of Evans marked Woods’ very first feature.

“Honestly, growing up listening to Tiffany [Evans], I kind of surprised myself with that one,” Woods told JaGurlTV about the 2020 single that also marked his first U.S. radio play.

“But I knew I wanted to come out with a bang I just didn’t know what I was going to do just yet. I had to send videos and songs of me singing to these artists so they can be interested to work with me, and Tiffany was one of the first ones to hit me back,” he added. “And we made it happen.”

Following the release of “Energy”, Woods released two singles in 2021; “Rendezvous” and “Know U.”

“Rendezvous” features him singing about having an exciting night at a “special place” with a “friend or two”…

while “Know U” features him singing about being the better man in a romantic situation.

“He ain’t never gonna know you like I know you, can’t show you what I show you,” sings Woods.

“In the process of making this record I found myself loving where I am headed with my sound and the direction that I am going with,” said Woods about the track.

In addition to speaking on his song, Woods recently performed “Know U” on the season finale of ALLBLK’s “Social Society” hosted by Kendall Kyndall, Reginae Carter, Kendra G, and Angela Simmons. 

What do YOU think about KriSean Woods? It’s clear that he wants to get to “Know U”–share your thoughts below.



KriSean Woods

Source: Roq Fluellen / Roq Fluellen Photography

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