Linda Burney Illness & Husband: What Happened To Australian Politician? Health Problems And Sickness Update

A look at Linda Burney Illness & Husband: What Happened To Australian Politician? Linda Burney MP’s illness has piqued the interest of every Australian. Does she have a medical condition? Illness

Linda Burney, on the other hand, is not currently afflicted with a serious illness. Linda is a politician from Australia who became the first indigenous woman to serve in the New South Wales Parliament in 2003.

Linda Burney Illness & Husband: What Happened To Australian Politician? Health Problems And Sickness Update

Linda, 65, was stressed when she discovered her son had died at the family home, according to The Guardian. Binni Kirkbright-Burney, her son, had struggled with mental illness and addiction.

She resigned from parliament after learning of her son’s death. Her anxiety, worry, and distress had been heightened by the death news. Furthermore, she served as a member of the Australian Labor Party in Canterbury from 2003 to 2016.

Linda Burney Health Problems: What Happened To Australian Politician?

What Illness Does Linda Burney Have? – Australian citizens are worried to know about the illness of Linda Burney, the female politician.

As reported on the sources, there are no hints on her illness. However, the politician might have suffered from minor health issues. On February 10, 2017, she tweeted that this was sick on Patrica Karvelas’s tweet.

The Australian politician has lost her husband and son in some time interval. Perhaps, she was mentally disturbed at that time.

About Linda Burney Husband & Kids

Linda Burney had two kids with her husband. Rick Farley, an Australian journalist.

Alas! she was left behind by her husband and son. Binni, 33, had struggled with mental health ad with addiction. Binni tried hard to recover from addiction.

She and her family fully supported him in every way. Unfortunately, he died on October 4, 2017, in Sydney. Linda Burney took a leave from parliament after her son was found dead at her family.

Her husband, Rick Farley, is a civil rights activist who fought for the rights of Indigenous Australians.

Linda Burney Parents- Their Ethnicity

Linda Burney was born to Wiradjuri ethnic parents. They are from a group of Aboriginal Australian people.

The politician belongs of Scottish descent. She grew up in Whitton in a small town named Leeton.

She revealed in an interview that she is a Christian. However, she does not consider herself to be a Christian. The lady respects all religions’ teachings on honesty, life, love, and how to treat others.

When she was seven years old, the politician’s grandmother died. Her uncle and aunt died when she was 14 and 15, respectively.

Linda Burney Children

Linda Burney has a son and daughter from her late husband. Her son’s name was Binni Dironbirong. Her daughter’s name is Willerui Ngurumbi Karramarra. Binni passed away on 24 October 2017.

Linda Burney Family

Linda Burney was born to Nonny Ingram (Father). She was abandoned by her mother when she was born. Her mother’s name is not known. She met her father in 1984. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, Nina and Billy Laing.

Linda Burney Wiki, Biography, Age

Linda Burney was born in Whitton, Australia. She took birth on 25 April 1957. She is 65 years old as of 2022. Her full name is Linda Jean Burney. Her ethnicity is Wiradjuri-Scottish. She holds an Australian nationality.

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She completed her primary education in Whitton New South Wales. She completed her middle school education at Leeton High School. She completed her high school study at Penrith High School.

She earned a diploma in Teaching from the Mitchell College of Advanced Education.

Linda Burney Net Worth- Representatives in the Australian


As reported on the source, the base salary ranges from $199,040 to $203,030 per annum. In 2003, the lady became a Member of Canterbury.

In 2019, she ran for re-election to the federal legislature and won with a large majority. She has always been a strong advocate for Indigenous Australians.

Burney, a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, recently tweeted about the history of the heroes who fought for Aboriginal people’s rights at the Aboriginal Tent embassy.

Linda, too, is a member of the Labor Left.

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