Meet Chris Hickman, Nicklin Hames’ Boyfriend And Her Parents Christine And Jason Hames

Meet Chris Hickman, Nicklin Hames’ Boyfriend and Her Parents Christine and Jason Hames

Jason and Christine Hames, Nicklin Hames’s parents, are always there to cheer for their daughter when she competes. They never miss a game and never miss an opportunity to applaud and energize the team.

Hames is a professional volleyball player from the United States who competes in NCAA Division I for the Nebraska Cornhuskers women’s volleyball team. When she arrived to Nebraska following the conclusion of the 2017 season, there were high expectations placed on her to take over as the team’s setter from Kelly Hunter, who had won the national championship twice previously.

Since the year 2000, John Cook has been the head coach of the team and has been a wonderful guide for her throughout this time. This situation is very similar to the master-to-apprentice connection that Hames has with coach John in the Star Wars movies. Under the guidance of the three-time captain, the Huskers captured two national championships and advanced to the elite eight of the tournament on two separate occasions.

Hames served as head coach for Nebraska for a total of four years and left the school as the all-time leader in assists. During her first year as a senior in 2021, she had an average of 10.86 assists, 3.29 digs, and 0.57 blocks per set, which was good enough to win her a spot on the all-tournament team as well as the honor for Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA Austin Regional.


Nicklin Hames

Nicklin Hames Parents

Nicklin Hames hails from a family with a long history of success in volleyball. K2 Volleyball Club was established by her parents, Christine and Jason Hames, who also served as its first coaches.

Hames’ father, Jason Hames, has worked as a volunteer assistant coach at Tennessee and is currently working as the director and recruitment coordinator for the K2 organization. Hames is a member of the K2 organization. Her mother, Christine Hames, was a member of Australia’s national team while simultaneously competing for Oregon State University as a collegiate setter.

She cannot express how happy she is to be back home with her family. She appears to have an extravagant way of life, judging from the things she puts on social media websites, as she does a lot of traveling and enjoys experiencing life to the utmost. On the occasion of father’s day in June of 2016, Hames shared a picture from her childhood that included her father, Jason.

In addition to this, she is seen having a good time with her two sporty brothers and sisters. While her brother Elijah is active in both football and baseball, her sister Kayleigh is also a volleyball player. She is very similar to her sister. Without a doubt, all of them end up developing an interest in sports as a result of the dedication and enthusiasm that their parents have for sports.

The “K2 Volleyball Club” is the “Dream Project” of Christine and Jason Hames

They are the owners of a volleyball team that is based in Louisville, Tennessee, and their mission is to introduce new and younger players to the sport of volleyball by teaching them skill sets that are difficult and demanding in the hopes that these players will one day be able to compete at the highest levels of the sport.

According to the information provided on the club’s website,, the name “K2” comes from Mount K2, which is situated in Pakistan and is a part of the Karakoram range. It is the second tallest peak in the world, behind Mount Everest, which is located in Nepal. Although it is only the second highest mountain in the world, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous.

According to what is written on the website’s page, “Much like the mountain, the time spent playing at K2 is demanding and arduous, but the end result is a wonderful experience packed with memories that will last for a lifetime.”

The parents are having a difficult time deciding which of their daughter’s NCAA Tournaments they will go to watch. In a year like any other, Jason and Christine Hames would have been forced to make a decision between seeing Nicklin and Kayleigh Hames compete in the postseason but instead, they did so in Omaha.

Chris Hickman, Hames’s Boyfriend

Nicklin Hames and Chris Hickman, her boyfriend, have a strong and affectionate connection. Hickman is a player on the Nebraska Football team, which plays the American football sport.

On her Instagram account (@nhamesss), which has 41.8 thousand followers, Hames posts images of herself and her lover on a regular basis. May of this year was the most recent time she posted a picture on her Instagram account with her boyfriend Chris. While he was dressed casually in jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a cowboy hat, she was wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit.

It is speculated that they started dating sometime in the year 2020, when the first picture of them together appeared on their respective social media platforms. However, they did not disclose any information regarding the beginning of their endeavors.

Hames has published a couple images to Instagram in which he is seen alongside other people. The particular photo from March 2017 that she posted on social media with John Morrow gives the impression that she was dating him at the time. People who left comments on the article believed that they were a thing and expressed a hope that their love would last forever.

The Biography of Chris Hickman

Chris Hickman Jr. was born to parents Chris Hickman Sr. and Mary Anderson on August 17, 2000. In August of last month, he turned 22 years old.

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Hickman anticipates graduating from college in December with a degree in child, youth, and family studies as his primary concentration. His volunteer activity has been beneficial to the Nebraska Football Road Race as well as the hospitals in the surrounding area.

According to 247Sports, the young man is one of the top three prospects for the University of Nebraska, and he is also ranked among the top 20 tight ends in the country. Hickman was a member of the Bulldogs’ varsity basketball team during his sophomore and junior years, when he played the sport.

Hickman was one of the two players on the Omaha Burke team that triumphed in the 2018 Class A state championship. In 2019, he inked a contract with Nebraska. It was up to him whether he accepted Nebraska’s offer or one of the many others he received, including those from Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas State, Minnesota, and a few more. He made both the Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll in 2020 and the Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll in 2022.

What is Nicklin Hames’s height Like?

Nicklin Hames has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches (178 cm). It is the typical height for college athletes in division 1 of the NCAA.

In a similar vein, the Nebraska athlete weights close to 75 kilograms. In spite of this, she possesses a big personality for someone of her height, one that stands out from the crowd. She was conceived in the state of California on January 18, 2000, which makes her age 21 at the present time. Nicklin attended the Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and graduated with his diploma.

In addition, she earned her degree from the department that specializes in the study of children, adolescents, and families. Her mother, Christine Hames, was a coach for her when she was in high school. Nicklin lauded the work of both of her parents in the realm of athletics, saying, “I just saw the impact that they made on young girls’ lives and on the community in general.”

Nicklin was a member of her high school’s team beginning in the eighth grade and continuing all the way through graduation. She was a standout at both the hitting position and the setting position for Webb School, where she eventually won five state championships. During those five years, she won the Most Valuable Player title for the state tournament on four different occasions.

She was selected for the U.S. national team that competed in Argentina at the U-18 Junior World Championships during the summer of 2017, before she began playing for the Nebraska volleyball team. She had the honor of performing under Cook’s direction. According to Hames, everyone around Cook is inspired to pursue continuing learning and improvement thanks to the growth mentality that Cook possesses.

Nicklin Hames’s Net Worth of 2022

Volleyball player Nicklin Hames, who is 22 years old and now plays professionally, is projected to have a net worth of less than one million dollars.

Sadly, Hames is not included in the list compiled by Best Toppers among the top 10 highest-paid female volleyball players everywhere in the world. She was named to the 2022 Spring Nebraska Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll. Her annual compensation would range between $45,000 and $60,000, however this information is not disclosed. She is only 22 years old and has a long way to go before she matures.

And as more time passes, she will almost certainly be offered a new and improved contract. And who knows? Perhaps one day she’ll even make it onto the list of the highest-paid female volleyball players in the world. To begin, Hames already has sponsorship from one of the most well-known names in the sports industry, Adidas. Her Instagram bio includes the hashtag “#TeamAdidas,” which she has chosen to use.

The American professional indoor volleyball player Gabrielle Reece tops the list of highest-paid female volleyball players with annual earnings of $1.8 million. Reece competes professionally in the United States. Courtney Thompson, on the other hand, who was named to the All-Tournament team in the 2005 NCAA Championship, earned $400,000 per year.

Nicklin Hames
Nicklin Hames

Quick Facts About Nicklin Hames

Full Name Nicklin Hames
Age 22
Parents Jason and Christine Hames
Relationship Chris Hickman (Boyfriend)
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 70 kg
Net Worth Over $1 million
Profession Volleyball player
Team Nebraska Cornhuskers

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