Meet Sam Richardson As He Voices Shaggy In Velma

Velma is the new animated comedy series coming up on HBO Max and we have its character Shaggy grabbing attention as Sam Richardson voices the character. While all are excited to watch the series Velma to watch. We have everyone excited about Shaggy’s character too. Sam Richardson is to voice Shaggy in the series. But who is Sam Richardson?

Read ahead to know more about Sam Richardson to voice the character Shaggy of Velma.

Velma coming on HBO Max in January 2023

With everyone excited for something new to watch in January 2023. We have Velma, the animated comedy series to start airing its episodes on 12th Jan 2023. The characters of the series aren’t something new as we have Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred coming back with mysteries.

However, being an animated series, what’s exciting to know is its cast. Yes, the cast of the series Velma is something you’ve not seen before. As one of its character Shaggy and the voice behind it is making everyone curious to know more.

Who is to voice Shaggy in the Velma series?

Looking at the origin of the characters Velma and Shaggy we know they have been Caucasian. But with the latest series Velma on HBO Max, we would see Mindy Kaling voicing Velma. While Shaggy would be voiced by Sam Richardson. Sam Richardson is an African-American who would be giving voice to Shaggy.

Hopefully, with that, we will see a different cast portraying the characters. Not to miss, in others, we would see Constance Wu as Daphne Blake, and Glenn Howerton as Fred Jones. Why Scooby-Doo didn’t appear in the series was also explained by the showrunner. As the character has been an important one for a long.

Who is Sam Richardson?

Sam Richardson who is voicing the character of Norville ” Shaggy” Rogers is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He was born on 12th January 1984. His parents have been of different origins as his mother is Ghanaian. While his father is an African-American. In the early phase of his career, he began as a comedian.

He later came in some of the episodes of the mockumentary The Office. Not just that, he was even a part of some of the movies like We’re The Millers, Horrible Bosses 2, and many more. While now everyone is looking forward to seeing him voicing the popular character Shaggy in Velma.

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