Model’s Death Due To Selfie Attempt? Jeff Thomas’ Agent Denies Suicide Claims And Reveals Shocking Cause Of Death

Rather than committing suicide as previously claimed, Jeff Thomas agent has suggested he died from a fall while taking a selfie. According to Luli Batista of the Sovereign Talent Group, “I can’t believe he did this on purpose.”. In response to the shocking discovery last Wednesday of the 35-year-old’s body in a Miami apartment complex, Batista expressed her shock and disbelief. Batista was not convinced that Thomas intentionally jumped, despite witnesses’ claims. She thought suicide was highly unlikely, given that she’d only spoken to the Floridian a day or two before he died. She speculated that he may have fallen while taking a selfie, according to the agent. According to her, the two had been joking about an audition over text, in which he appeared to be joking about upcoming auditions.

In fact, they had even arranged a phone call to discuss Thomas’ move to Miami and the new company he was starting – which he was excited to tell her about. Batista lamented that he seemed to be happy and proud of himself. The young man was happy, motivated, and excited about taking the next step in his life. It is so shocking to me, she said. A beautiful and sweet boy, he was. Skylar Ray Thomas, Thomas’ brother, posted a Facebook post on March 11 suggesting his bro took his own life after struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Meghan Rae, Thomas’ cousin, told DailyMail that she did not believe Thomas committed suicide.

Agent Jeff Thomas Denies Suicide Claims, Claims He Fell While Taking A Selfie

In the wake of Jeff Thomas’s tragic death, the clotheshorse’s brother claimed his brother had died due to addiction and mental health issues. His agent speculated that the clotheshorse may have fallen taking a selfie. Thomas’ agent, based in Los Angeles with The Sovereign Talent Group, told that she was shocked by the sudden death of the 35-year-old at his Miami apartment tower on March 8. The idea that he did this intentionally is beyond belief to me. She speculated that he might have fallen while taking a selfie. Her last conversation with him was Tuesday and they were exchanging text messages and joking about upcoming auditions just 24 hours before his death. To catch up, they scheduled a phone call for Friday. When he told me he was moving to Miami, he couldn’t wait to tell me everything. It seemed he was thrilled and proud of himself. Happy, motivated, and looking forward to his next step, he was just enjoying life. I am so stunned, she added. Jeff Thomas was so beautiful and sweet. The claim is in conflict with a Facebook post shared by Jeff Thomas’s brother Skylar Ray Thomas, who implied the death was a suicide after he battled addiction and mental health issues. Meghan Rae, Thomas’ cousin, disputed the suicide claim to DailyMail earlier this week, though police are currently working under the assumption that Thomas committed suicide. Skylar wrote: Dear family and friends, It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of my brother, Jeff Thomas on Wednesday, March 8th. In the years that have passed, you have seen Jeff travel the world and live life to the fullest.

It is not widely known that Jeff struggled with addiction and mental health issues, which ultimately led to his tragic death. He did not divulge further details about the drugs he had been using or the mental health issues he had been suffering from. Jeff’s struggle was described as ‘difficult,’ but his sense of humour, love for music, art and family were praised. In addition, Skylar urged anyone experiencing similar problems to seek help. The body of Thomas was found at the bottom of his apartment complex on March 8. Meghan Rae, Jeff’s cousin, told that he did not kill himself. His death is being investigated as a suicide by the police. It wasn’t a suicide, she said. She said reporting otherwise is a complete disregard for his character and who he was. Defamatory and false information is being published. There will be no further comments from our family. It is important that you respect our privacy during this difficult time, as well as his memory. During his modelling career, Thomas had 120,000 followers on Instagram, posting photos of his impressive physique in an array of envy-inducing locations. On Miami’s Brickell Avenue, he lived on the 57th floor of a 57-floor tower near downtown Miami. His agent praised his humble, light-hearted, and sense of humour, as well as his not taking himself too seriously. They were laughing during their text exchange a day before he died.

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