Mourad Lambrabatte Death Jump Video: How Did It Happen? Jump Death Video On Social Media

Mourad Lambrabatte Death Jump Video – Vacation is a very important part of our lives. It makes us happy and sometimes spreads to our family. We go outside with our families and do things like go on adventures and many other things. But there are times when these trips put our lives in danger.

It was said a few days ago that a one-man had died. Now we talk about what happened and who this man is. Is he a famous person or just a regular guy?

Mourad Lambrabatte Death Jump Video: How Did It Happen? Jump Death Video On Social Media

What Happened To Mourad Lambrabatte?

On Thursday, May 13, our sources told us that a Dutchman who was 31 years old had died in Mallorca. Mourad Lambrabatte is the name of this man.

He throws a rock off of a 22-meter-high cliff in Santa Ponza’s Margrade archipelago. He used to play football. He takes a trip with his wife and two kids to try to spread some happiness with his family.

He has a person with a lot of education and is a Dutch football player.

Mourad Lambrabatte Death Jump Video

He helped his team win a lot of games. he will become well-known, but because of this thing, he won’t. He and his family lived in Santa Ponsam, near Magaluf, for four years. He died right there. On their camera, his partner caught the whole thing on video. After being struck, his rock-covered body is thrown into the ocean. When the rescue team got there, they tried to look for his body in the deep water.

The rescue team says that his body is 15 meters below the bottom of the ocean. He wasn’t dead. He tried to swim to get out of the water, but the water was so heavy that he couldn’t. The video he made went viral, and people were shocked and said things about it.

Mourad Lambrabatte Family

After what happened to Moured, things are very bad for his family. The two little kids kept asking where their father was and when he would be back. This change is very delicate. People who watch her video will feel bad for his family.

After this happened, tourists are not allowed to go to the spot where it happened. Police are looking into the scene and trying to solve the case as quickly as possible because this will make tourists and people all over the world afraid. This is bad for tourism in a big way. Her soul should be at peace.

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