Rainbow Kiss TikTok Meaning On Wikipedia: What Does It Mean?

TikTok’s latest trend rainbow kiss’s meaning is kissing while a female has her partner’s semen on her mouth and a male has his partner’s mensural blood on his mouth according to Latestly.

People are searching for the meaning of the word ‘rainbow kiss’ on google and posting videos of their reactions on the platform.

While some people find the meaning as their mood starter, most people find it very gross and even consider harmful.

According to Cosmopolitan, doctors advise not to perform such acts, but with proper planning and safety considerations, these acts are fairly safe.

However, having a high level of understanding between partners and consent is a key factor.

@hipiffy actually like no. #rainbowkiss ♬ original sound – AntiNightcore

Some people are getting the meaning confused by associating the kissing act with the LGBTQ+ community as well.

Some believed the rainbow kiss was a cute act before discovering the true meaning of the kiss.

The rainbow kisses trend has over 24.9 million views so far, and people are posting new videos every now and then. With thousands of creators already posted their reactions, new TikTok users are also hopping onto the trend quickly.

What Are Other Meanings Of Rainbow Kiss?

Apart from popular culture, Rainbow Kiss is a play written by Scottish writer Simon Farquhar.

According to Rainbow Kiss’s Wikipedia article, It was chosen to perform at the theatre’s 50th Anniversary season in April 2006 at the Royal Court Upstairs in London. Richard Wilson, an actor, and director oversaw the play with Joseph McFadden, Dawn Steele, Clive Russell, and Graham McTavish in the lead roles.

The play’s short engagement in New York at 59E59 Theaters began with previews on March 12, 2008, and a press debut on March 22. Will Frears is the director of this The Play Company production, which features Michael Cates, Robert Hogan, Charlotte Parry, and Peter Scanavino. The first performance in Rome began in October 2009.



The play was described as play’s portrayal of the terrible reality that lies underneath Aberdeen’s oil-fueled growth by Farquhar is what makes it so effective. This is not simply another play about sex and violence; instead, it grippingly illustrates the catastrophic impact of a money-obsessed materialist culture on society’s outcast no-hopers by The Guardian.