SEO and digital marketing skills are in demand as well as SEM skills.

The digital jobs marketplace,, has just announced its Q3 2022 Fast 50 Index which revealed this year’s fastest-growing industries and skills that are in demand.

Data from a recent study reveals that there have been drastic changes in the trend for SEM (or search engine marketing) jobs. From Q2 to Q3, these jobs fell by 30.4 percent, or 2300 to 1600.

A big contrast to this is that there has been an increase in the demand for digital marketing, traditional marketing and just YouTube jobs. reports that employers on the site are looking to hire support with rankings, with SEO-friendly blog writing jobs increasing by 55%. Of those, YouTube projects increased 32.3% quarter-by-quarter, while TikTok jobs increased 10%.

Digital marketing jobs have seen an increase, with job postings in the area ranging from social media campaign managers to project managers. is also seeing an increase in demand for community managers, digital marketing specialists, and social media experts.

In traditional advertising, designers were also in demand. For example, flyer design projects rose by 27.5 percent (27.5 percent), as did designing for covers and packaging — which increased by 27.3 percent (1253 to 1596 jobs). When comparing Q3 2022 to 2021, advertisement design jobs increased by 15.7 percent (1516 to 1755 jobs.).

Recent surveys have shown that companies are looking for skills in other marketing channels, like social media and SEO. “What we’re seeing” commented’s Marketing Director, Hector Perez-Nieto, “is demand for freelancers with skills in social media, short video platforms, earned and owned content SEO, and a whole spectrum of marketing strategies that have historically been the realm of large corporations.”

In the third quarter of 2017, we saw 25.3% more lead generation jobs (from 1,378 to 1,738) and 18.7% more sales-specific jobs (from 2,544 to 3,020 total projects) take place on our platform.

According to, jobs in tech-related fields saw the biggest increase when comparing Q3 2022 to Q2 2022 and Q3 2021. The most significant increase was seen in Android app development, which increased 80.5% from 1082 to 1954 jobs.

Web and software development skills in AJAX also saw a huge jump, increasing 66.4% from 1059 to 1763 jobs. API professionals have seen a 59.5% jump since 1587 jobs were posted in Q2 2022 and 2532 job postings exist currently on the website

Overall, software development skills were the fastest growing. They increased 54.7%, followed by coding and back-end development skills, which increased 54.5% year-over-year. reported that the surge in tech-related freelancing jobs is most likely due to the global tech sector layoffs and hiring freezes that have become popular across what’s been called the ‘tech winter.’

They pointed out that in 2022, more than 42,000 workers in the US tech sector were laid off during this time. Online tracker also reported 83,173 layoffs from 661 startups this year in October 2022, almost half of their total of 179,164 tech layoffs recorded since Covid-19 began. CEO said, “The macroeconomic environment, tech winter, and nosebleed inflation have led to an almost daily string of announcements of layoffs.”

He continued, “The most similar event was the Global Financial Crisis where we saw three trends: Businesses looking to cut costs and going online to hire freelancers; people looking for work online; and a lot of startup businesses forming to bridge people through hard times.” However, this was mostly contained in the US. predicts that in 2023 we could see global economic depression again.”

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