Twitch Star QTCinderella Reveals Shocking Deepfake P*rn Scandal In Emotional Breakdown Video

Twitch streamer QTCinderella broke down recently on becoming a victim of a deepfake po*n scandal. Not just QTCinderella but other social media influencers especially the Twitch streamers have come across to know about such deepfake po*n scandals targetting them with the use of their images without their consent. But who is QTCinderella?

Read ahead to know more about Twitch streamer QTCinderella breaks down on becoming a victim to a deepfake po*n scandal.

Who is QTCinderella?

Blaire who is popularly known as QTCinderella on the internet is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Apart from that she is also famous as the creator and co-host of The Streamer Awards. She has been active on Twitch since the year 2018 with her content giving her millions of followers.

While on YouTube she has been active since 2019. Her content online is mostly related to gaming, baking, and similar things. However, recently she has been trending on the internet as she became a victim of a scandal on the internet. Not just QTCinderella but many other Twitch streamers have been victims of that scandal.

QTCinderella breaks down as she becomes a victim of deepfake po*n scandal

Recently QTCinderella took to social media for sharing how bad she feels about becoming a victim of a deepfake po*n scandal. She shared a video begging all not to access the images that were used without her consent in the deepfake po*n scandals. QTCinderella broke down as she became a victim of the scandal.

In one of her posts on social media, she wrote “The amount of body dysmorphia I’ve experienced since seeing those photos has ruined me. Adding further she wrote “It’s not as simple as “just” being violated. It’s so much more than that”. Not to forget, QTCinderella wants to sue the creators now while the content has been removed.

Other Twitch streamers fall victim too of the deepfake po*n scandals

Apart from QTCinderella many other Twitch streamers found themselves in the same situation. As even Twitch streamer Sweet Anita, the 32 years old became a victim of the deepfake po*n scandal. She told Buzzfeed on the incident “I saw myself in the positions I would never agree to, doing things I would never want to do. And it was quite horrifying”.

Maya Higa too was among one the victim. As even her pics were used for the wrong purpose without her consent of her. Meanwhile, all of these incidents have made social media influencers, streamers, and all worry about falling prey to the po*n scandals.

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