Effective Nollywood entertainer cum producer Bukola Ikuomola has expressed that she’s confident that sometime her fortunate man would find and walk her down the passageway.

In a new meeting, the Ilaje-Ondo State-born celebrity countered the cases that her profession denied her of settling down at the typical eligible age.


She said, “No I think not, I accept there are numerous things that decide when it works out. It’s inevitable. I don’t question that the fortunate man who will make me the fortunate lady is not far off. For the time being, I carry on with my life similarly for all intents and purposes without laments, please. There’s no time for that for however long there is a fight to battle.”

Inquired as to whether she puts stock in the way of thinking that urges ladies to participate in sexual closeness during the dating time frame, the movie producer said, “There ought to be no standard book on dating. Every individual ought to have an alternate encounter. However long we’re cautious and regard ourselves as ladies and try not to set to awful model. I don’t similarly have anything to do with sex before marriage. I would have no desire to prompt anybody about this. It involves individual decision.”

Digging on the issue of sex on public TV by some Big Brother Naija Housemates, the producer noticed that she’s not on the side of such commitment.

“I think it is messed up and it sends a negative get to the young people. We ought to attempt to maintain conventionality, particularly as ladies according to the general population. I can’t do a lot in the event that I have the chance to be essential for an unscripted TV drama. I need to adhere to my standards as an Omoluabi. No measure of cash merits the split the difference of my honesty. I would take more notification of learning potential open doors. I would likewise accomplish other things proficient courses to upgrade my vocation. Anyway I’m thankful for my prosperity such a long ways in my separate profession,” she expressed.

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