Does Candace Wheeler Montgomery Work As A Therapist In Georgia Today?

Candace Wheeler Montgomery is said to be working as a therapist in Georgia today. And most of the reason for her to choose this profession is said to be because of her personal experiences. 

She was friends with Betty Gore, who found out about Candacef’s affair with her husband. Gore confronted about it to Candace one day, and she admitted it, as mentioned in GoodHouseKeeping. 



She said that she had had an affair with Betty’s husband for several months despite being a mother of two. It enraged Betty, who tried to attack her with an ax. To save herself, Candace hit the lady 41 times with heavy equipment. 

A psychologist later confirmed that she did not know how many times she had hit the victim, and her claim of acting out in self-defense was accepted in court. As a result, the court removed all of the charges against her. 

After that, she and her husband left Wylie and settled in Georgia. After some time, she divorced her partner and currently works as a mental health therapist.

Does Candace Wheeler Montgomery Have A New Job?

Candace Wheeler Montgomery started a new job after leaving Wylie. She shifted to Georgia with her family after clearing up the murder charges on her. 



However, before she was accused of murdering Betty, she was a housewife who used to take care of her husband and children.  


Was Candace Wheeler Montgomery Imprisoned? Find Details About Her Jail Time

Candace Wheeler Montgomery was arrested and imprisoned for a brief time after police discovered that she was responsible for the murder. However, as per sources, she was held on a $100,000 bond.



And during the trial, she proved herself not guilty of murder by claiming that it was for self-defense. Thus, she was acquitted of the murder charges and did not have to serve jail time.