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Was THF Zoo Arrested and Are The Gun Charges in Chicago Legit?


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THF Zoo is reputed to be captured in Chicago while he is waiting on the post trial process according to YouTube recordings that are circling on the Internet.

THF Zoo who is otherwise called Devonshe Collier is an individual from THF46 and a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He has areas of strength for a to OTF, especially Lil Durk and the late King Von.


He was captured in 2014 at Lil Durk’s home for the 2009 homicide of a person called Dominic Barnes, however he was cleared. In 2022, he is again answered to have been captured in Chicago.

Was THF Zoo Arrested? The Artist Caught In Chicago With Three Guns There are a great deal of YouTube recordings making adjusts on the Internet asserting the capture of THF Zoo. One of the content makers has put out an old Instagram live of the craftsman and is talking about the conceivable event.

It is said that THF was gotten with three assault rifles in Chicago. The channel that offers this news has detailed that it is uncertain in the event that the firearms were machines or not yet it was undeniably true that he has three weapons with him.

Further, the conversation circumvents how could he convey the unlawful stuff with him. Additionally, the remark segment is discussing the way in which the vocalist was waiting on the post trial process and that what he did was unsatisfactory. There are talks that he was on liquor too. Notwithstanding, nothing can be affirmed until dependable sources come up and address the reports.

THF Zoo Charges And Rumors On the off chance that the news in any capacity is valid, THF is probably going to get inside the prison for somewhere around 2 to 3 years. This information has been given out through the YouTube recordings and its remark segment where individuals are discussing.

Twitter is additionally discussing the way in which he killed a young lady named Destiny and numerous others previously. Subsequently, the new news about his claiming firearms could a lot of be valid with the likelihood of a couple of distortions to a great extent.

One of the netizens says, he should come up against government indictments assuming those switches are unlawful getting found out with 1 is 10 years in an administrative prison. Also, the other one expresses “Damn he was the muscle brother going to get COOKED”

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