What’s The Name Of The Victim Marcos Alonso Killed? – Manslaughter While In Bolton

Marcos Alonso was the driver of a car that crashed into a wall, killing one of the passengers, a 22-year-old lady while driving at 112.8 km/h in wet circumstances in a 50km/h zone. 



He was having a blood alcohol content of 0.93 mg/ml. His crash killed a girl and another to be wounded in the abdomen and thorax. Another passenger was reported to be the Real Madrid youth Jaime Navarro who had broken his collar bone in the incident. 

Though he was arrested, and got banned from driving, he was still allowed to continue his profession as a football player. In addition, the athlete didn’t serve a penalty for being behind the bar. 

As he expressed his guilt, we hope he learned a lesson and avoided being in such a situation in the future. 


Was Marcos Alonso Arrested Over Drunk Driving Car Accident?

Chelsea defender, Marcos Alonso, who played for Bolton Wandered at the time, was arrested in 2011 for his role in a car accident in Madrid, Spain’s capital. 

He was the driver of the car that struck a wall resulting in the death of a young woman, a co-passenger. The poor weather further reduced vision in the direction of the car.

All of these elements combined to cause a terrible accident, in which his automobile collided with a wall, killing a girl. Though the girl was rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead.


Know Marcos Alonso Charges and Jail Sentence

Marcos Alonso had to stand prosecution for several years until 2016 when he was sentenced to 21 months in prison for the horrific life taking accident.



However, the sentence was reduced because it was evident that the murder was an accident rather than a deliberate act. The player was fined €61,000, and his driving privileges were suspended for three years. 

This has been a significant event in his life, with ramifications for his career. Alonso’s actions were widely reported in the media, but he has accepted full responsibility for what happened and feels horrible for his conduct, according to 650. org.