Where Is Rapper RM AKA Namjoon Right Now?

Since 2018, the musical artist RM has lived with his bandmates in Hannam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. However, the hectic schedule of the musician makes him travel around the world.

The rapper is always joined by his bandmates, who share a lovely relationship. However, the k-pop group has opted to disband and pursue a solo career.


On the 15th of June, the band shared an annual dinner live conference with their fans. While the show was going on, the band dropped the news of taking a break.

The band has promised to be back together to perform for their fans. While some of them believe it’s just another case like the Beatles and One Direction.

With the decision to take a break, RM might be enjoying a vacation away from his professional life. However, the rumor of RM meeting with Namjoon has relieved the fans slightly.

Is The Rapper RM In Switzerland?

Yes, the rapper RM also known as Kim Namjoon, is in Switzerland. The rapper was enjoying his vacation with family and friends, accompanied by Jim, one of his band mates.

RM has not mentioned his parents’ names in the media. However, they are very happy with their son’s fame and achievement. Although, it was not the same from the start.

The rapper’s mother initially was against the music career but later was supportive. The family is together exploring the beautiful Swiss nature during the vacation.

According to the mycelebritynews Youtube video, RM has left Jin and traveled back to Korea. The vlogs of the singer traveling have more than 100K views and were uploaded on the 22nd of June.

The Leader Of The BTS RM Health Update

The singer with multiple awards in his name, RM, is perfectly fit and fine and likes to live a healthy life.

However, In 2018 the singer underwent a septoplasty due to nasal septum deviation. He had problems with his nose and even missed band activities for some time.

It took some time to recover from the operation, and later RM joined his band mates. At the moment, the singer is healthy and loves physical exercise.

Who Is The Well-Known K-Pop Star RM Dating?

The rapper RM has not publicly announced any forms of relationship and dating life in the press.

Being one of the most popular boy band groups, the rumors of them dating celebrities often come across social media. However, the band has denied all the rumors.


Kim Namjoon AKA RM Assuring His Fans After The Nose Surgery
Kim Namjoon AKA RM Assuring His Fans After The Nose Surgery ( Source : Facebook )


RM has been pictured together with many celebrities, but the musical artist shares a friendly relationship with everyone.

According to imwbuzz, an undisclosed YouTuber has mentioned that RM is dating a non-celebrity wealthy girl. The same Youtuber mentioned that Jungkook was secretly dating actress Lee Yoo Bi.