Who Are Randi Lee And Jeanette Zinno From ‘Me Or The Menu’? Meet The Leland Owners

The American couples who make up the cast of the unscripted television program Me or the Menu are Jeanette Zinno and Randi Lee. After the principal effective time of the show, they turned into a TV sensation.

Me Or The Menu, another show from the makers of 90 Day Fiancé, offers watchers a totally new point of view on adoration and life as it follows restaurateurs as they beat the specific difficulties of opening an eatery with their soul mates.


The Manhattan-based TV creation organization is about affection, despite the fact that a few cast individuals quit the famous matchmaking program without tracking down life partners.

Jeanne Zinno and Randi Lee Wikipedia Bio from Me or The Menu As per Wikipedia, Randi Lee and Jeanette Zinno are accomplices both, in actuality, and on the hit TV program Me or the Menu.

Café proprietor, unscripted tv character, and previous barkeep Randi Lee hails from Brooklyn, New York. He began as a barkeep however quickly fostered an affection for the café business, driving him and his significant other, Jeanette, to send off Leland.

In the wake of showing up in the main time of the program, American unscripted tv character Jeanette Zinno acquired reputation. For just about 25 years, Randi Lee has been utilized in the culinary business.

Leland Eating and Drinking House, his most memorable performance adventure, is presently being sent off. He has found a Go Fund Me page for it.

The new Food Network show, as per Broadway World, will give watchers an in the background look at the existences of four eatery couples as they make progress toward sending off their cafés.

Me or the Menu is supposed to advise watchers regarding the explanations for the disappointment of around 60% of restaurants. It is likewise expected to explain the motivations behind why practically half of relationships end in separate.

Abundance of Leland proprietors Jeanette Zinno and Randi Lee Leland’s proprietors, Randi Lee and Jeanette Zinno, are on the right track to riches; it is guessed that their total assets will be under $100,000.

The couples couldn’t send off their singular dream undertaking because of monetary issues. For his undertaking, Randi has begun a Go Fund Me page. Starting today, individuals have contributed about $30,000.

His pledge drive guaranteed that the pandemic had impeded his and his significant other’s arrangements. They haven’t had the option to fully recover from that point forward.

Jeanette Zinno and Randi Lee have all the earmarks of being of various ages yet how much is the distinction? While his significant other may be in her 40s, Randi Lee seems, by all accounts, to be in his 50s. There gives off an impression of being a 10-year distinction in their ages. They haven’t given their precise date of birth, thusly the data may not be exact.

The pair is persuaded to succeed in their organization and connections, regardless of being at various stages in their vocations. Yet again the producers of 90 Day Fiancé have given a sentiment docuseries an unmistakable curve.

It is notable that exploring an expert relationship might be troublesome; subsequently, Randi and Jeanette will battle to get a grip on their feelings.

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