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Celeb ZoneWho Is Andrew Symonds’s wife, Brooke Symonds? Age, Instagram,...

Who Is Andrew Symonds’s wife, Brooke Symonds? Age, Instagram, and, more!


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Who Is Andrew Symonds’s wife, Brooke Symonds? Age, Instagram, and, more!: Andrew Symonds, a well-known international cricketer was born in a very normal life. His birth date was June 9, 1975, in England. He participated in many events and played the game at an international level. Some of them he won it while some of them he lose it. But he learned from his mistakes and improve him better. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Andrew Symonds's wife

Who Is Andrew Symonds’s wife, Brooke Symonds?

He was a key member of two world championship teams.  As he was an intermediate right-hand batsman, alternating between moderate speed and non-spin bowling. He is also known for his excellent field skills. In 2008, he has mostly been away from the team for many reasons, drinking was the one major factor for not joining the team. And a lot more reasons which he didn’t discuss openly with the public. In 2009, he was sent home from World Twenty 2009 for his third suspension, disqualification.

Who Is Brooke Symonds?

Andrew Symonds married Brooke Symonds. She was good-looking, beautiful, and very smart. She takes care of him every moment of his life. Whenever there is any big problem came in his life, she is always ready to help him. But after a few months, things turn a little different. Both started fighting without any reason. And make small problems big. She could no longer handle his behavior and decided to divorce him.

Both were in a relationship for only one year. A year later, the couple go to their separate places and are never met again. In 2005, he divorced his ex-wife Brooke and left their children alone. Before the divorce, the couple had two children. The first is a daughter named Chloe Symonds and the second is a son whose name is not yet known.

Andrew Brooke Symonds’s Net Worth

The net worth of Brooke Symonds, wife of Andrew Symonds, was not disclosed. Since his main work is not revealed yet. So we cannot say anything about his earnings. But we can tell you Brooke Symonds’ net worth. He is worth around $10 million which is insane. His main source of income is an Australian international cricketer. And also makes money from his passive income as a secondary source of income. He lives his life very well and spends a good time with himself. In his spare time, he goes live on Instagram and talks to unknown strangers.

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