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Celeb ZoneWho Is Celia Martinez? Salvador Ramos Grandmother Was His...

Who Is Celia Martinez? Salvador Ramos Grandmother Was His First Target As He Failed The Graduation


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A shooter, Salvador Ramos, 18, started shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

As per agents, he entered Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, at 11:32 a.m. neighborhood time subsequent to shooting his grandma and destroying his vehicle close to the school.


Who Is Celia Martinez? Celia Martinez is Salvador Ramos’ grandma. Salvador Ramos shot Celina in the head, and she is in not kidding yet stable condition.

Ramos supposedly contended with his grandma prior to committing the demonstration, as per the examiners.

The youthful youngster had shared photographs of the guns he had lawfully bought from a neighborhood store via web-based entertainment.

As per a few neighbors, the grandma knew about her grandson’s arrangements and endeavored to keep him from completing them.

Ramos shot his 66-year-old grandma to end the contention, and she is in basic condition at a San Antonio emergency clinic.

Salvador Ramos was from a troublesome family; his mom, Adriana Martinez, incited him to go to his grandparents’ home in Uvalde, Texas.

Ramos lived with his two maternal grandparents, Rolando Reyes and Celia Martínez.

Salvador Ramos Grandmother Was His First Target After Failed Graduation A man who realized the suspect’s grandma was evaluated by journalist John Mone.

Ramos was irate that he didn’t graduate and he got into a contention with his grandma, and she was shouting, ‘He shot me, He shot me’.

Rolando Reyes, the suspect’s granddad, talked with ABC News. He conceded that since he is a criminal, he is denied from claiming guns and that he was uninformed that Ramos had gotten firearms.

He let ABC know that the suspect “had a minuscule battle with his grandma” over a telephone bill, however that this was normal.

Ramos dozed on a sleeping cushion in the receiving area of his grandparents’ home following a quarrel with his mom, as per Reyes.

The granddad said he would some of the time take Ramos to work with him, as the adolescent every now and again missed school and wasn’t set to graduate.

Have some familiarity with Celia Martinez Family Celina Martinez lived in Uvalde, Texas, with her better half Rolando Reyes and grandson Salvador Ramos.

Celina’s grandson shot her in the head prior to driving her to Robb Elementary School.

Salvador Ramos’ granddad claims he had no clue his grandson had powerful attack weapons at home when he killed 19 kids and two educators in Uvalde, Texas.

Celia Martinez is in not kidding however stable condition. As indicated by the family, the high schooler had been remaining with his grandparents after a run in with his mom.

He invested most of his energy playing computer games alone in his room.

Salvador Ramos Mental Health Illness Ramos’ resentment regarding his absence of scholarly achievement ejected in a battle with his grandma soon before he shot her and headed to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, to start his killing frenzy.

As per Texas State Senator John Whitemire of Houston, Ramos turned 18 this month and legitimately bought two military-style “AR stage rifles” as well as many rounds of ammo.

To commend his birthday, his grandma had taken him to an Applebee’s café.

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