Who Is Gigi White Alan White Wife? Meet The Drummer’s Partner

 Alan White and his wife Gigi White have been married for 41 years.

The couple has been together since their dating and marriage. They had a passionate and committed relationship with each other. 

Unfortunately, not much information is available about Gigi, but she seems to be the source of inspiration behind the lucrative career of Alan, who has been during her husband’s ups and downs in his life. 

Gigi White and Alan White are blessed with children and grandchildren who seem to share love, compassion, and happiest empathy with one another. It seems to be hard for the children learning the demise of their grandfather. 

Alan White Net Worth

Alan White has a net worth of around 10 million dollars in terms of his net earnings after his death, and he will get a royalty from his work as a drummer for the YES band. 

Likewise, his wise investment and savings shall help his family lead a prosperous and fortunate life. Also, his wife Gigi shall lead a safe and stress-free retirement with supportive finances. 

Alan White Age

Alan White is 72 years old, and he was born on 14th June 1949. 

He was born in a small village in England in the County of Durham. His grandfather played piano and drum, which was his inspiration to learn the music  

Likewise, Alan has been critically awarded and nominated for various Award nominations. He has won four Grammys for his work in contribution to the music genre. 

Therefore, he also had planned for tours, but his plans were postponed due to the COVID pandemic, but he was likely to collaborate with a different artist and release new singles for his fans and audience. 

Nevertheless, Alan White died of a serious illness, and his family is receiving sympathy from fans all over the world.