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Who is VOTESAXIN07 Video Viral on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube Link

Hello readers, we are here to inform you about something very important, just like this particular news that is getting a lot of attention lately and people are curious and rush to the social media platform to know about the video that is going viral. on a social media platform that is related to Natalia McNally: suspected fake killers. So, make sure you read this article till the end to know about the whole matter because this particular information has been creating a lot of controversy lately. Follow My Morning Tea.

VOTESAXIN07 Viral video

It was a YouTube video that was uploaded and used as an alibi by Natalie’s killer which is also available on the social media platform, now everyone is watching it and many people who have not seen this particular video are also wondering how they are rushing to the social media platform media, so when Stepehn McCullagh was arrested on December 19th because he had a connection to this pregnant partner who was brutally murdered, he came forward and explained to the police that he was watching the 6-hour live stream on YouTube.


However, immediately the police started an investigation regarding this particular case and the officer questioned him several times, it was found that the length of the video on his YouTube channel appeared to be a live video and he also came up with claims about McCull, who at the time of the investigation was ruled out as a specific suspect in this case , however, this particular report was discussed in court when the police found a 32-year-old story that was revealed, but after the investigation, new evidence was revealed.

VOTESAXIN07 Video Explained

However, the police were immediately accused of this murder and the investigation told the court that extensive technical checks of McCullagh were counted through the device by network experts who discovered some of the YouTube videos that were pre-recorded, however in the course of time he admitted that he was filming the live broadcast. He uses the name votesaxon07 on his particular channel, which remained on the video page.

It was known to be a violent Christmas night live game stream, there were more than thousands of comments, but there were many commenters who called for the removal of the recording from the video, in which we can see McCallah wearing a Santa hat and looking like as if he were sitting in his living room setting up his camera and computer. He also came to explain that this particular show was leaked in real time.

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