Who won Jeopardy! tonight? Thursday, May 18, 2023

Game 179 of Peril! season 39 circulated on KABC-television on Thursday, May 18. The episode highlighted three contenders attempting to dominate the match by noting some extreme information based questions and bringing in cash through something very similar. Ben Chan returned as the six-day ruling victor, with absolute income of $182,000.

Ben is a way of thinking teacher from Green Narrows, Wisconsin. His challengers were John Forests, a regulative specialized expert initially from Forteau, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and Kristen Beck, a doctor from Seattle, Washington.

Ben Chan by and by drove the whole game, in any event, responding to the last inquiry, and in doing as such, proceeded with his fantastic series of wins. Regardless of not wagering any cash in that frame of mind round, Chan had the option to dominate the match overwhelmingly.

The classifications under the main round were On A Visit To The State Capital, Cafés, Magazines, Human expression, The Universe Of Hanna-Barbera, and Previously and Entertainer.

Ben didn’t win the day to day twofold in this round however had the option to respond to many inquiries, driving the game by $6000 prize cash. Altogether, he gave 16 right and one mistaken reaction. Kristen offered three right responses, with one mistaken reaction.

The classifications under the Twofold Danger! round were Global Motion pictures?, Banners Of Spanish-Speaking Countries, Associations, Everything Starts With “U” and History Rehashes the same thing.

Ben tracked down both the everyday pairs in the round and drove the game with an enormous score. He offered 34 right responses, aside from the day to day twofold, with only one erroneous response. The challengers didn’t be able to address many inquiries. Kristen and John gave seven and nine right reactions, with one erroneous response each.

The scores after the Twofold Risk! round was Ben at $31,000, Kristen at $4600, and John at $4400.

John and Ben both offered the right response to the last inquiry. With such a gigantic wiggle room, Chan didn’t actually have to win any cash in the round, considering that his score was at $31,000.

The last inquiry of game 179 of Risk! was under the classification Bulletin No. 1 Hits. The last sign read:

“Billy Joel said, “I figure the one time I didn’t compose the music” before the verses was for this 1989 hit, “and I think it shows.””

Ben and Kristen got the inquiry right and the last option acquired $201 in the round. Ben bet no cash on his reaction. Kristen lost $199 against some unacceptable response, Uptown Young lady.

Ben Chan: $31,000 + $0 = $31,000 (What is We Didn’t Light The Fire!?) (7-day complete: $213,000)

John Forests: $4,400 + $201 = $4,601 (What is “We Didn’t Light the Fire”?)

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Kristen Beck: $4,600 – $199 = $4,401 (What is Uptown Young lady?)

With the success, Ben turned into a seven-day victor and has proactively arrived at the Competition of Champions. He may be seen in different shows of the establishment soon.

Ben Chan will be seen playing against Erica Johnson and Chris Sledge in the following episode of Risk!, which airs on Friday, May 19.

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