The first season of Hallmark Channel’s Ride came to an end on May 28. The rodeo family drama introduced viewers to the McMurrays, a Colorado ranching family struggling to keep their business afloat while also dealing with some serious trauma from the past. But with their story having concluded – at least for now – fans are faced with the question of what to watch next. Fear not, we have you covered. Here are six shows that are similar to Ride on Hallmark. 


Jack and Amy, wearing cowboy hats, standing by a lake in 'Heartland'
‘Heartland’ | Courtesy of CBC

Multi-generational family drama Heartland has been going strong on Canadian TV since 2007. The long-running show (16 seasons and counting) follows a ranching family in Alberta. It stars Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming, who returns home to help run her family’s ranch after her mother dies in a car accident. Shaun Johnston plays Lou’s grandfather Jack, a former rodeo star, and Amber Marshall staras as Lou’s younger sister Amy. 

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