Is Aftermath A True Story? Michael Dadich And Story Update

Who Is Michael Dadich? Aftermath is reportedly a true story based on Michael’s experience. Get to know more.

Aftermath is a horror film on Netflix. It revolved around a couple’s new house that suffered a home invasion.

Aftermath Finale: Who Is Michael Dadich? Quem Foi

Michael Dadich is a person whose story is possibly portrayed in a movie. But it is not clear if he is real or not.

Dadich was depicted as a construction agent. He ran the business with the help of his group of construction workers.

Michael Dadich historia is not available. It means there is no information about the family background and childhood of the man.

In fact, Michael is the real-life version of Kevin Dadich in the movie Aftermath. Kevin has a wife named Natalie Dadich in the movie.

Also, the movie shows Dadich and his partner facing some hindrances in their married life. The young couple was shown to be looking for counseling to smoothen their relationship.

In course of attaining a new start in their relationship, the two move into a house they got in a great deal. But the house brings more trouble in their life as it had recently witnessed a murder-suicide.

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Aftermath: Michael Dadich Death Explained

Michael Dadich appears to have suffered death. But Kevin who plays him in the movie does not die.

Peter Winther announced Michael lost his life in June 2020. He revealed the demise of his close friend in an Instagram post.

In fact, the Dadich couple experience a deadly encounter with a monster in their house. But they were able to make their way out of the haunted house alive.

Michael did not die in the house as he was able to escape it alive. The assumption is based on the fact that Kevin did not die in the movie.

But the movie says “In Loving Memory of our best friend – Michael Dadich”. The statement indicates Michael is no longer living.

Is Michael Dadich on Wikipedia?

Michael Dadich lacks a Wikipedia bio. It is obvious because it is not clear whether or not he is a real person.

Dadich is reportedly the real-life inspiration for the characters of the movie. But his biography has not surfaced in the media yet.

According to the movie, the creature which they had been fighting for a while turns out to be a person called Otto. 

Michael Dadich – Is Aftermath A True Story?

Aftermath is based on true events as per the opening of the movie. The opening sheds light on the life of Michael Dadich.

But The Cinemaholic suggests Aftermath has Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter as their main inspirations. They reportedly had gone through similar trouble in 2011.

Nonetheless, the movie is based on a real-life story. It premiered on Netflix on August 4, 2021.

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