Ashley Reeves Illinois Facebook – The Survivor Ashley Reeves Story

Ashley Reeves Illinois Facebook – The Survivor Ashley Reeves Story

Ashley Reeves from Illinois is all over the Facebook timelines. She is the victim of sexual abuse and attempted murder. See what her story is here.

Ashley came back to life 30 hours after being thrown to die in the woods.

She was physically assaulted and became the victim of attempted murder by her own teacher, Sam Shelton. The assault left her paralyzed before authorities found her and took her to safeguard.

Ashley Reeves Illinois Facebook

Ashley Reeves hails from Illinois.

Her story has been a viral insight on Facebook lately since Lifetime has brought a movie including her story.

Ashley herself is not available on Facebook.

What Is Ashley Reeves Story?

Ashley Reeves is a survivor of sexual abuse.

She was groomed and then nearly killed by his teacher.

Reeves was 17 years old when she dealt with the incident. She was attacked by her 26 years old teacher Sam Shelton and left in the woods to die.

She was found 30 hours later she was heavily attacked by the Shelton.

Shelton broke her neck with her forearm and strangled her with the belt.

Reports claim that she was paralyzed and could not move and had insect bites when they found her in the dense woods.

After the attempted murder, Shelton went down at a local country music club dancing on the same night.

Authorities approached him and interviewed him for 12 hours before he admitted the crime. He mentioned that he had a physical relationship with Reeves at least one time.

Moreover, he stated that he tried to kill her once Ashley tried to break off their relationship.

Ashley Reeves Survivor Wikipedia

Ashley Reeves does not have a Wikipedia page.

But her story is portrayed in a new Lifetime movie ‘Left For Dead.’

Anwen O’Driscoll plays Ashley’s role, and Benjamin Sutherland brought the character of Sam Shelton into life.

Ashley was born in Millstadt in Illinois, in the United States. She attended Columbia High School junior.

Does She Have A Husband?

Ashley Reeves probably does not have a husband.

But she was in a romantic relationship with her then-boyfriend, Jeremy Smith.

They dated for a couple of years. But reports cite that she was privately involved in a relationship with Sam Shelton, her seventh-grade teacher.

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