How Old Is Bonnie Estridge? Learn Everything About The Freelance Journalist

As Bonnie Estridge ages her illness worsens. Bonnie believes she will live fully even though she is sick.

Bonnie Estridge is absent from the journalism industry for a while. Her followers have been worried about Bonnie’s absence.

In answer to her absence, Bonnie answered her follower that she has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past few years.

As she gets older, she has a hard time coping with the disease. However, she believes the disease won’t stop her from having fun

Bonnie Estridge Age and Wikipedia

Bonnie Estridge is a British freelance writer who focuses on health and leisure topics.

Bonnie Estridge’s age is 71 years old which means she was born in 1950 in the United Kingdom.

She has 20 years of experience writing for national publications and magazines. She’s also the author of four health books, with a focus on children’s ailments and diabetes.

At the age of 66, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s gradual condition that starts with mild memory loss and progresses to the loss of the ability to converse and respond to the environment,

However, she believes the disease will not stop her from living a happy life.

Bonnie Estridge Husband and Family

Bonnie is married to her husband Chris. She talked about her husband during an interview with the daily mail.

Her husband has been very supportive of her when she was diagnosed. He tried his utmost best to be with her.

Bonnie has two daughters with her husband: Suzy and Hannah. The sister is four years apart from each other.

Hannah being older at 39 and Suzi younger at 35.

Based on Bonnie, she gets along very well with her family.

As she is getting older and weaker, she plans to visit and stay with each of her daughters.

She hopes she can enjoy visiting them without the disease having any effects on her life.

Bonnie Estridge Net Worth

Bonnie Estridge, herself hasn’t talked about her net worth. If we were to guess, Bonnie’s net worth would be hovering around $100,00 – $500,000.

A top earner in freelance journalists earns around 100k dollars yearly.

Given Bonnie has written for national publication and books her pay would be rather high than average.

Not to forget she has written four well-known books. Bonnie earns as the books become more popular.

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