Cayley Mandadi Father Verdict And Autopsy – Where Is Mark Howerton Today?

Cayley Mandadi Father Verdict And Autopsy – Where Is Mark Howerton Today?

Cayley Mandadi father Talik Mandadi took the stand in Mark Howerton trial for murdering his only daughter. What has happened? Let us find out.

Cayley was a high school student at Trinity University and also a cheerleader at the University. The young daughter passed away in 2017 during the time of Halloween. 

Her tragic story is the subject of an upcoming episode of CBS’ 48 Hours, premiering at 10 p.m. ET on Saturday, reported by Daily Mail.

Her family is fighting still fighting for Cayley’s justice.

Who Is Cayley’s Father? 

Cayley Mandadi’s father Talik Mandadi was completely heartbroken by the death of her daughter.

No parents could forget the brutal murder of their beloved child at such a young age. As a matter of fact, he fought and stands for Cayley’s justice during the trial.

Likewise, Cayley’s mother, Alison Steele, recalled the moment how she walked into the Cay’s hospital wardroom and saw her battered body as if she has fallen from a plane.

It nearly gives everyone goosebumps in their body.

Cayley: Mark Howerton Ex-Boyfriend Was A Verdict

Cayley was in a relationship with Mark Howerton, who tried to kill her last year, but Jury failed to verdict.

As per the reports from My Sanantonio, Cayley enjoyed a concert on Halloween with her partner Mark. They were drinking and taking drugs too. 

They even had intimate moments together. Whatsoever, she was declared brain dead by the doctors.

Further, she has no Wikipedia page, but we can find her bio on several news portals.

Cayley Autopsy Reports 

Cayley Mandadi’s death, an autopsy revealed that she was covered in bruises from head to toe. 

She died of blunt force trauma to the head and also sexually assault as well.

Who killed Cayley Mandadi? Mark Howerton has confessed what actually has happened on Halloween weekend 2017? 

Where Is Mark Howerton Today?

Mark Howerton is currently under observation. 

As per the Cinemaholic, Mark’s second trial has ended with a mistrial as they could find no evidence. He was not guilty at all.

Due to the pandemic, his trial has been postponed. However, if there is any proof against him, he faces life imprisonment for sure.  

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