Who Is Dr Muhaya Mohamad Aka Prof Muhaya? Deleted Video Explained

Prof Muhaya Mohamad has not landed on Wikipedia. Her recent video is being slammed on various social media. Lets find out.

Muhaya is a famous motivational speaker. She is an expert medical doctor or osteopathic who specializes in eye and vision care.

Moreover, she is a successful marriage counselor, Islamic speaker, professor of sociology, and human behavior expert.

As of now, one of her posted videos is creating controversies. For which she is facing backlashes on social media. Here are some related details.

Who is Prof Muhaya Mohamad? 

Prof Muhaya Mohamad is a motivational speaker as well as osteopathic.

Her real name is Datuk Dr Muhaya Mohamad.

She is the winner of the prestigious Women Preacher Award, which she received at the National Dakwah Award Ceremony.

The internationally famous eye surgeon has gathered many followers worldwide. Her contribution to the field of medicine is more than 23 years.

She has a Bachelors’s Degree in Medicine from the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Masters’s Degree in the Ophthalmology Surgery level.

Prof Muhaya received her Ph.D. degree in Ocular Immunology at the University of London.

Is She On Wikipedia?

No Muhaya is not featured on Wikipedia.

But she is included in several other platforms alongside her work and career credits.

His Deleted Video Explained

Prof Muhaya’s video is already deleted from her account.

In the video, she advises women to act dumb and a little dense to find a life partner.

Moreover, she alluded to referring to women who are “damsels in distress.”

Her offered tips have proved to be very controversial. She is heavily criticized by many of Malaysia’s female public figures.

Furthermore, many added that she could have chosen better words, but that, essentially, she meant well.

Nevertheless, her statement advises Women to feel weaker against men. This is certainly unacceptable in today’s generation.

Dr Muhaya Mohamad Age

Dr Muhaya Mohamad age is 63 years old.

She was born in 1958, and her birthday is on December 1.

As per astrology, she belongs to the Sagittarius sign.

Who Is Her Husband?

Muhaya Mohamad is married to her husband Datuk Dr Azmi Jamion.

The couple is blessed with two lovely children.

Their daughters are also making their mark in the medical fields. They both are Doctors.

Her Twitter and Instagram

Muhaya is well received over both Twitter and Instagram platforms.

However, she is a favorite speaker on Facebook and has millions of followers on it.

Her Twitter account is under the handle name “@PDrMuhaya.”

Likewise, her Instagram username is “@profmuhayaofficial.”

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