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On Sunday night Floyd Mayweather steps into a ring against YouTuber Logan Paul. I think most of humanity is pulling for Floyd to basically knock Logan’s skull clear off his neck, like a golf ball flying off a tee. But who knows what will actually happen. Frankly, Logan dominates Floyd in all the major physical categories.

At 44 years old, Floyd is nearly two decades older than 26-year-old Logan. Floyd’s 5-foot-8 height is a full six inches shorter than Logan at 6-foot-2. Floyd’s 72-inch reach is 4 inches shy of Logan’s 76-inch-reach.

Floyd Mayweather has never faced off against anyone who weighed more than 154 pounds. The boxers weigh-in today at 5pm EST. Floyd is expected to weigh in around 160 pounds. Logan is supposed to weigh 190 pounds. For every pound over 190, Logan has to cough up $100,000. There’s some buzz that Logan is planning to show up weighing 200 pounds. Pay the $1 million in penalties just so he can step into the ring with a 40 pound advantage.

But there is one category where Floyd dominates.

Logan Paul’s bank account is basically rounding error for Floyd Mayweather.

Going into the fight, Floyd Mayweather’s net worth is:

$450 million

Going into the fight, Logan Paul’s net worth is:

$25 million

(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

In other words, Floyd could buy and sell Logan roughly 18 times over.

When the fight is over, Floyd could fly to LA where he owns a mansion in Beverly Hills that’s worth more than Logan Paul.

Or he could fly to Las Vegas where he keeps a car collection that is worth more than Logan Paul.

Wherever he flies, it will be on his Gulfstream G650 that is roughly 2.5 more valuable than Logan Paul.

Floyd Mayweather’s jewelry collection is worth more than Logan Paul. Just one of his watches alone cost $18 million in 2015.

Potential Earnings

Before meeting in the ring tonight, Logan accepted a base salary of $250,000 in exchange for 10% of Pay Per View profits. Mayweather was reportedly guaranteed $10 million to show up plus a whopping 50% of the PPV profits.

If one million people purchase the $49.99 PPV, the total PPV revenue would be $50 million. So at that level Logan would make $5 million, and Floyd would make $25 million. If somehow three million idiots get suckered into this cash grab, Logan would make $15 million and Floyd would $75 million.

Floyd has claimed that he is going to make $100 million from the fight. For that to happen, 4 million suckers would have to cough up $50 for the PPV.

FYI, when Floyd fought Manny Pacquiao in 2015, 4.4 million people bought the PPV. That’s the second-biggest PPV event of all time. The #1 PPV event is Floyd’s 2017 fight against Conor McGregor. Roughly 6.7 million people bought that fight.

For context, 1.5 million people reportedly purchased the PPV of Logan’s brother Jake Paul fighting Ben Askren.

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