Heather Carmillia Joseph Age: How Old Is 21 Savage Mom?

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How Old Is 21 Savage Mom? Heather Carmillia Joseph’s age is somewhere in her forties. Get to know more details about her.

Heather Carmillia Joseph is the mother of 21 Savage. We all know 21 Savage is a very popular rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

However, his family life is still somewhat mysterious to his fans worldwide. Here are some details we know about his mother and family.

Heather Carmillia Joseph Age: How Old Is 21 Savage Mom?

Heather Carmillia Joseph’s age is not known.

However, judging by her photos, she seems to be in her forties.

Heather Carmillia Joseph Husband

Heather Carmillia Joseph’s husband or partner was Kevin Cornelius Emmons.

They were together for a very long time. However, they are already separated now.

Kevin Cornelius Emmons is the father of 21 Savage. He has a Caribbean origin and is from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Emmons reportedly worked for Westminster City Council. However, we still lack detailed information on him.

Heather Carmillia Joseph’s new partner is Dr. Amsu Anpu. He is an endocrinologist.

Heather Carmillia Wikipedia

Heather Carmillia Joseph has no Wikipedia.

She is originally from Dominica. After separation from Emmons, she moved to Georgia with her son 21 Savage.

They moved to the USA when 21 Savage aka Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph was only 7 years old.

Heather Carmillia Joseph is very supportive of her son. She usually makes appearances at awards ceremonies and musical events.

The mother-son duo is also inclined towards charity works. Last year they had hosted a dinner that served 300 families.

He Children Details

Heather Carmillia Joseph has four children altogether.

Besides 21 Savage, she also had a son named Quantivayus. He lived a short life after being killed in a shootout in a drug deal.

Her other children are TM1way, Jayda Davies, and Kyra Davis.

Heather Carmillia Net Worth

Heather Carmillia Joseph’s net worth is undisclosed.

We are still unaware of her professional life.

However, her son 21 Savage’s net worth is $12 million as of 2021.

Meet Her On Instagram

Yes, Heather Carmillia Joseph is on Instagram

Her username is “heatherj4life” and has amassed more than 8.9 thousand followers.

Source: Celebpie

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