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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How Old Is Steph Shilton? Peter Shiltons Wife Age And Net Worth Details To Follow

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Steph Shilton of age 53 is Peter’s wife. Has she been on Wikipedia? Read everything about her bio along with his husband in the below article.

Steph is known to be the wife of Peter Shilton, an English former footballer. She has played the responsibility of being her husband’s better half.

She is known for her work of rescuing her husband from 45 years of gambling addiction. A book called ” Saved by Peter and Steph Shilton-Signed Edition” was recently published on 16th September 2021. Gary Lineker forwarded this book. It costs £20.00.

Peter Shilton Wife-Steph Shilton Family

Steph Shilton is the former wife of Peter Shilton, age 71.

Steph is the third wife of her husband. The couple married has a huge age difference of 18 years. However, she plays the role of the wife is his better half.

Shilton is a footballer who played as a goalkeeper, born on 18 September 1949. He has a record of playing more games for the England men’s team, gaining 125 caps. Further, he has set the record of being the most competitive appearance in the world of football, 1390.

He was one of the top 10 goalkeepers of the 20th century in 2000.

Before Steph, he was married to two other wives, Sue Flitcroft and  Stephanie Hayward. He married Sue Flitcroft in September 1970 and had Michael and Sam, sons.

Then, he married his second wife, a jazz singer Stephanie Hayward at the Parish of St Peter and St Paul Church in West Mersea.

He got divorced from both wives and later married Steph, who saved him from his gambling addiction. He revealed that his gambling addiction made his life hell, and his wife helped him get rid of it.

Shilton was now working with the Government to raise awareness of associated issues, including mental health problems.

Steph Shilton On Wikipedia

Stephan isn’t available on Wikipedia.

Though his husband has been featured on it since he is a famous football player.

There is not much information about her on social sites. Though we have accumulated some, she is currently working with the government to raise awareness of associated issues, including mental health problems.

Steph Shilton Age

Steph Shilton is at the age of 53.

She has a huge age difference old 18 years with her husband.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Steph’s net worth is unrevealed.

Her husband probably has a net worth of around $10 Million.

Steph On Facebook

Steph has her own name on her Facebook account, @Steph Shilton.

We can follow her on her Facebook for more updates on her personal life.

Source: WIKI NG


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