Francie ‘Gidget’ Lawrence was the main focus of the 1959 movie Gidget and the 1965 TV show of the same name. The famed film and series followed the adventures of a teenage Francie as she traversed the California surfing scene. Do you know exactly how old Gidget was supposed to be in the series? Gidget was not yet 16 when the series premiered 

Sally Field sits in a convertible with a surf board as Gidget
Sally Field | American Broadcasting Companies via Getty Images

Francie ‘Gidget’ Lawrence was 15 and a half when the TV show premiered 

When Gidget premiered on ABC in 1965, the series followed Francie Lawrence through her surfing adventures in California. In the series, the character, nicknamed Gidget, was 15 and a half. In theory, if the series had continued, Gidget would have aged across several seasons. It wasn’t meant to be, though. 

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