How Ridge Forrester Nearly Married A Horse On The Bold And The Beautiful

Brooke Logan Forrester has been fighting to be with Ridge Forrester since 1987, but would constantly find herself losing him to other women, namely Taylor Hayes. In 2009, Taylor and Ridge were ready to get married once again in the Forrester living room, and Brooke was determined to stop the wedding. After a series of text messages never went through the way she wanted, Brooke hopped on a horse and rode down the beach to make sure that Ridge and Taylor didn’t become man and wife once again (via Soaps), but things got a little chaotic when she finally interrupted the ceremony.

Ridge and Taylor had already taken their vows and the ceremony was almost over just as Brooke burst through the door with her horse right behind her. The shock of that sight left the officiant at the wedding a bit confused, and rather than saying he pronounced Ridge and Taylor man and wife, he instead said (via YouTube), “Taylor, Ridge, it is my great pleasure, by the power of the church and the state of California, I now pronounce you man and … HORSE!”

In the YouTube comments section, fans couldn’t get enough of the memorable moment. Reactions range from “One off [sic] the best scenes in the B&B, this was fun!” to “The pastor look was priceless.” Someone else said, “WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?”

Post source: The List

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