Annabelle Gaston, a 480-pound woman from Ohio, was charged with manslaughter for the death of her husband, Irwin Gaston. Everything you need to know about her and her case is right here.

A man in Ohio was killed around a year ago after suffocating to death during oral sex with his wife.

Following further research, it was determined that the woman’s name was Annabelle Gaston, and that her husband suffocated and died as a result of her obesity.

When this event occurred, people were startled that something like this could occur, and it seemed that the surprise was clear.

Even a year after the incident, people are still curious about what happened next.

Concerns about the manslaughter incident, her husband’s death and obituary, her age, Wikipedia, and other connected issues are currently trending on the internet.

480 Pounds: Annabelle Gaston Ohio Manslaughter

As mentioned earlier, Annabelle Gaston is accused of involuntary manslaughter and this case happened over a year ago.

When fully investigated, more details started coming ahead and people realized what happened during the incident.

Anabelle reported to the police that her husband had a sudden cardiac arrest in the middle of sexual intercourse.

She said that during sex, started to give her oral sex and soon, his legs started seeming bluish green. After that, she let him off and found that he was dead.

However, his death was reported about an hour after it happened, and it was already pretty late.

Considering all this, she was sentenced to 10 and half years in prison for the involuntary murder of her husband.

It was said that she should have been careful because she knows about her weight and what has happened to her husband.

Annabelle Gaston Husband Irwin Gaston Death And Obituary

The cause of Annabelle Gaston’s husband Irwin Gaston is cardiac arrest caused by suffocation due to oral sex.

He was a 31 years old man who was married to his wife and they did have a good time together. However, he sadly passed away because of the unfortunate incident.

When time passed by, during the prosecutions, it was also revealed that a similar thing had happened during their honeymoon.

Precisely, Irwin was once treated after his lungs were filled with feces materials after oral sex with his wife.

Annabelle Gaston Age And Wikipedia Details

The age of the 480 pounds woman Annabelle Gaston is about 29 years old now.

Well, her current exact age or her date of birth is not revealed yet, but considering the news reports of a year ago which mentioned her to be 28, we have estimated her age.

Also, she is not mentioned on Wikipedia yet, because she is not a renowned personality and is just a common person who is a possible convicted felon.

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