Who Is Suze Orman Partner? Her Relationship Details

Suze Orman is gay and is blessed to have a partner like Kathy Travis. Here are some more details on her relationship with her wife.

Suze is an American financial advisor, author, and famous podcast host. She is recognized for her show The Suze Orman Show on CNBC.

Besides being a successful host, she is also the founder of the Suze Orman Financial Group. The company is a financial consulting firm.

As of the latest news, the financial advisor thinks that the rising stock prices could be a problem. It is time to dump some of the stocks.

Is Suze Orman Gay?

Suze Orman is gay.

She revealed her sexuality and came out as a lesbian in February 2007. Since then has been open on talking about the homosexual relationship.

Orman also directly suggests to a gay couple that they should marry quickly as soon as possible.

According to her, there are more than 1000 financially smart ways to marry.

Suze Orman Partner 

Suze Orman is married to her partner Kathy Travis.

The couple wedded in the year 2010. Kathy is also called KT by her loved ones.

She is also the business partner of Suze Orman. According to Orman, Kathy is a brand builder, and that brand is Suze herself.

There is no doubt that Travis has played a huge role in the success of their renowned financial consultant.

Kathy Travis is 66 years old as of June 2021. Her birthday is on July 17.

Furthermore, Suze Orman considers herself very lucky to find a perfect soulmate at the age of 50. She doesn’t have any children.

Where Does Suze Orman Live?

Suze and her wife Kathy Travis live in the Bahamas.

They have certainly built their dream home on the pristine Island of Carribeans. They also own a beautiful mansion in Florida.

In 2017, the duo sold their four homes in New York, South Africa, and San Francisco. 

Her Net Worth

Suze Orman’s net worth is $75 million.

She earned her massive fortune as an author, speaker, and financial expert.

Likewise, she has authored 10 consecutive New York Times best-selling books.

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